We are regulated by FIU (Financial Intelligence Unit) under the numbers FVR000557 & FRK000469 to provide you services of exchanging a virtual currency against a fiat currency as well as hold & manage virtual currency wallets. Happy investing!

Hold & earn profit on your cryptoassets

Simple solution for everyone. We will handhold you to get your first coins and generate profits for you.

How it works?

Purchase or transfer coins
Don’t know how to do it? Don’t worry, we will show you how to do it best, step by step.
Hold in MyCointainer
Transfer coins to your account in MyCointainer. We will utilize its super powers (Proof of Stakes + Masternodes) to generate profits.
Enjoy regular profits
Get notified when profits come. Time to enjoy your life and finally let your money work for you.

We only earn when you profit

One simple fee for your convenience

Let’s look at the example on the right. Imagine, you deposit coins worth 200 EUR.

After a period of time, MyCointainer generated 100 EUR on your deposit. You receive 91.00 EUR. We receive 9 EUR.

This 9% helps us to grow, provide better service & follow our mission to introduce crypto world to everyone.

Why MyCointainer?

Simple and easy to use
Built for beginners & advanced users in mind
Extreme security
Your assets are stored securely on the blockchain
Transparent fees
One simple fee of 9% ONLY on the profits generated.
Fast responses
24/7 always ready to help you with any questions
E-Wallet Licence
Regulated under FIU & allowed to exchange a virtual currency against a fiat currency
Contribution to future
Investments you buy contribute to a decentralised, fairer future

Biggest daily reward

2,690.34 EUR
269.31 EUR
Get ahead with simple crypto investments now
Get started
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