Ultimate Staking Service Platform

Simple solution for everyone. Choose your favourite cryptocurrency assets, transfer coins to our staking wallet and profit off them. Anytime, anywhere.

How it works?

Purchase and transfer coins
To start earning money you will need an asset of your choice. Then you simply transfer it you MyCointainer’s staking wallet.
Keep coins in MyCointainer
MyCointainer will utilize the power of blockchain (Proof of Stake + Masternodes) to generate stable profits for you.
Enjoy your regular profits
Get notified when profits are generated. Now it’s time to enjoy your life and finally let your money work for you.

Getting started

One Simple place to build crypto passive income

Integrated Proof of Stake & Masternode coins into one. That's only the beginning of your financial future.

Buy, Sell and Exchange
Our built-in exchange makes acquiring your favorite coin and switching coins very easy. You no longer have to buy on exchange and then transfer coins to us to stake.
Earn with Community Initiatives
Help us build our platform and earn coins by claiming bounties.
Airdrops, Giveaways & Free Coins
Never miss a giveaway of free coins from various sites. Our hand-picked selection will ensure you will get the most value from your time.
Insight & Education
Familiarize yourself with the fascinating world of cryptocurrencies. Our articles will make all the technicalities look simple.

Take your rewards to the next level

With MyCointainer Power Plan.

Earn 100% rewards, 0% stacking fees

1 giveaway each month worth min. $200

Helping with community causes & developer's funds

Automatic earnings with Partner's Superb Rewards

Get ahead with simple crypto investments now
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