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Beldex is building an ecosystem of blockchain products based on privacy, anonymizing your online activities, such as transactions and messages among others. Beldex works on the cryptonote protocol, using Ring Signatures, Stealth Addresses, and Confidential Transactions.
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Interesting Facts

  • Beldex has a number of distinctive features:

  • Privacy: Transactions are masked with ringCT. The adresses of the sender and the receiver and the amount of transaction are obfuscated.

  • Security: Transactions are secured by masternodes, validating them and preventing any attempts of double spending.

  • Untraceability and unlinkability: Transactions use end-to-end encryption, hence provide anonymity. Multiple transactions cannot be linked together. By using RingCT, stealth address, and cryptonight, tracing the transactions is virtually impossible.

  • Ecosystem: The Beldex private ecosystem contains a variety of products and services, anonymizing your online presence.

Project in a nutshell

Beldex provides a variety of products:

BChat is an anonymous, decentralized messenger. The encrypted messaging app enables you to protect your messages and data.

BelNet is a private and decentralized p2p VPN enabling the user to browse the internet, allowing for privacy. It masks the user's identity using the Beldex masternodes.

Beldex Browser enables a private connection without ads thanks to anonymizing your traffic.

Beldex Image courtesy Beldex

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More in-depth review of the project

Beldex allows users to earn BDX by masternode staking, their network is supported by miners and masternodes. Upon the implementation of POS, their network is going to be fully supported by masternodes. They are used in order to secure the network, storing the blockchain’s full copy.

Beldex provides a variety of wallets, including a desktop wallet for Windows and Linux, enabling the user to send, receive, hold, and stake BDX on masternodes. There is also a possibility of connecting it to the user's own node and masternode. There are also two decentralized web wallets, V1 and V2, supporting the fast transfer of BDX. Beldex also supports a mobile wallet on Android.

Future plans

  • Beldex focuses on increasing the adoption of the BDX coin. Soon, it will be used for subsidized fees on their private ecosystem, including a messenger, a browser, and a dVPN among others.

  • Beldex wants to solve the issue of scalability by implemetning POS by 2021.

  • BDX will be listed on numerous centralized and decentralized exchanges within the third of fourth quarters of 2021.

Beldex Image courtesy Beldex