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Beyond Protocol

Beyond Protocol is a blockchain centric, universal protocol which enables devices to exchange value and communicate within a trusted network.
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Interesting Facts

  • Beyond Protocol is a blockchain providing a decentralized security layer for the Internet of Things. Adding the protocol to IoT devices makes them probabilistically impossible to hack, allowing them to safely communicate and pay each other with crypto or fiat. The founding team includes Stanford engineers and current/former execs from IBM, Amazon, Cisco, Qualcomm, and Warner Brothers. Partners include Cisco, DoorDash, Stripe, the EU, and Huobi.

  • Beyond Protocol is mostly in stealth mode. Industry analysts have consistently characterized the project as “the next top 3 coin” and “bigger than Bitcoin.” The project launched its native ERC-20 token, $BP, in October 2021 and will be featured in the top exchanges by volume in Q1 2022. Beyond Protocol plans to unveil mainnet in 2022.

  • Long-term strategic partners and token holders include Rob Gronkowski, Steve Aoki, and Cage the Elephant.

Project in a nutshell

Beyond Protocol is focussed on mainstream adoption. It is designed to be integrated into devices with one line of code.

The smartphone app store revolutionized the way we live – entire industries emerged. Beyond Protocol will launch the “Mega App Store” allowing developers to create apps on any combination of devices, not just smartphones. Imagine a weather tower paying a drone to put out a fire, and that drone paying weather towers along the way to determine the best route. The possibilities are endless.

Beyond Protocol - Image Courtesy of Beyond Protocol

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More in-depth review of the project

Beyond protocol uses the combination of the power of blockchain with the Internet of Things, in order to create a unqiue solution, which they consider The Fabric of The New World. It works through applying distributed ledger architecture to the Internet of Things. Because of fully secure technologies, devices can be joined for fast and proper communication.

Due to using a distributed ledger framework, enforcing a change of state requires a set of devices reaching a consensus. With the innate atomic randomness of silicon, chips of a device equip it with one of a kind fingerprints in a Physically Unclonable Function (PUF). Thanks to having a material part of devices which sign off on a future change of state of a single device with the use of their fingerprints, the potential for an unwanted change, in a way of a hack or a hijack is statistically extremely low.

Beyond Protocol is embedded in the execution code of a chip, which not only provides security through a verification process and the signing of transactions, but also an automated transaction state engine within a trusted ledger. Beyond Protocol provides a new marketplace both for developers and device manufacturers alike, where they can define parameters of a value transfer with the trust of blockchain-based trusted ledger technology, which enables a new economic model for Internet of Things devices.

Beyond Protocol enables a set of features beyond the TCP/IP layer, through enabling trust, identification, and authorization to lower layer protocols.