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Bitcoin Plus

Bitcoin Plus (XBC), is an alternative cryptocurrency with a modern working wallet. The cryptocurrency has a low start supply with a planned maximum total of 1 million coins. Bitcoin Plus coins are generated through staking, which allows users to earn money from passive income. Little over 100,000 of these coins are currently in circulation.
0.84 mln
19.69 mln

Interesting Facts

  • Bitcoin Plus is extremely low-cap PoS digital asset with 1 million coin cap planned.

  • The wallet of this digital currency is designed for people not accustomed with cryptocurrency, it's really easy to use.

  • Bitcoin Plus is Segregated Witness (SegWit) ready cryptocurrency.

  • Bitcoin Plus inflation rate is 20% per year.

Project in a nutshell

The Bitcoin Plus digital asset offers fast transactions with a 60 second blocktime and no known scaling issues. The cryptocurrency comes with real time checkpointing which is a critical security update to fight reverse spend attacks. This digital asset owes a lot of its codebase to original Bitcoin which is the first open source cryptocurrency project.


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More in-depth review of the project

The Bitcoin Plus network is able to handle 10 times more transactions every 10 minutes. Besides, the block size limit of the digital asset is much larger than original Bitcoin standing at 1.5 MB. The average transaction size of this alternative currency is very similar to its predecessor, therefore every block is able to fit as many as 3,030 transactions or 50.5 transactions per second. So it will be a long time before users have to start worrying about any scalability issues.

Future plans

  • The Bitcoin Plus platform future plans include: pushing XBC to be used in more 3rd party services and exchanges, frequent wallet updates for all platforms – Windows, Linux, IOS, Android and more.

BitcoinPlus - Image Courtesy of BitcoinPlus
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