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ColossusXT (COLX) main goal is to provide everyday users with a crypto and blockchain experience. COLX lays the foundation of free and decentralized crypto commerce along with a community that connects all of its users. When we look closely at this digital asset's development team, it becomes clear that it doesn’t have CEOs, CFOs, CTOs and other business entities heading the project in an organizational structure, contrary to some other emerging cryptocurrencies.
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Interesting Facts

  • ColossusXT offers enhanced privacy and is using unique coin mixing technology, called Obfuscation.

  • This cryptocurrency offers system called SwiftTX - it allows fast and guaranteed zero confirmation transactions.

  • ColossusXT's masternode owners have access to decentralized blockchain-powered voting system which allow them to decide on future development consensus.

  • This coin's users have access to Colossus Grid, which is a decentralized, distributed grid computing framework.

Project in a nutshell

COLX is a constantly evolving PoS digital asset that uses a number of key technologies to enhance its users’ privacy while ensuring the maximum participation of even small individual investors in this crypto network. The core technology elements of the COLX network are: Proof of Stake 3.0, Colossus Grid and a second-tier Masternode system. This stakable crypto investment's mission is to make sure that users can take advantage of four COLX core principles without putting their private data at risk of being exposed to control of corporations and other centralized groups. These principles are:

Empowerment of the individual user of the cryptocurrency, as well as whole communities.

Right to free speech.

Freedom to conduct commerce, freedom products and services, freedom to raise cryptocurrency through crowdfunding.

Help individuals and communities take back economic freedom and allow them to function more independently and efficiently by generating passive income and being financially stable and safe.

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More in-depth review of the project

The ColossusXT blockchain originated from the PIVX protocol which itself is based on the DASH cryptocurrency. Both of these digital assets have roots in the Bitcoin protocol and have followed different paths to achieve their respective goals. Likewise, the COLX blockchain is one of many privacy coins out there. The goal of this cryptocurrency is to be a privacy-oriented coin that can facilitate customer-to-customer (C2C) and business-to-customer (B2C) transactions while keeping the data of its users protected. The main advantages of ColossusXT are:

Decentralized Governance - COLX features a decentralized system that allows any cryptocurrency user to suggest a proposal for 1000 COLX, which are burned, regardless of the crypto community’s decision towards the proposal. These proposals can be regarding development, policies, and online presence. Community members then choose a proposal on which the reserved 10% of the block rewards will be spent.

SwiftTX - Instant send technology. ColossusXT platform, users’ transactions can be instantly confirmed with the help of SwiftTX, which permits masternodes to confirm transactions without waiting for nodes on the cryptocurrency's network. SwiftTX does this by sending a transaction to randomly selected masternode, which instantly settles the transactions without the possibility of double-spending of the coins.

ARMIS - enhanced privacy. The cryptocurrency is already capable of anonymous transactions through Zerocoin protocol. But ARMIS system integration is even further strengthening layers of COLX privacy. ARMIS is based on I2P’s open specifications and uses encryption algorithms to build a private overlay network across the internet.

Future plans

  • ColossusXT developers plans for 2019: wallet update, GUI masternode setup (easier way to setup a masternode), ARMIS beta testing and release of custom IP2 privacy layer, increased focus on Colossus Grid, optimization of blockchain size and speed for greater efficiency, implementation of turnkey payment system to allow business owners utilize invoices via crypto payments, and more.

ColossusXT - Image Courtesy of ColossusXT