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CRDTpay is a cryptocurrency that supports crypto banking solutions that are made easy to users. It supports cryptocurrency, third-party bank-issued cards, and fiat currencies, through a diverse crypto ecosystem and by a transfer of value solution.
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Interesting Facts

  • The network uses its native token called 'CRDT' for rewards, services, and transactions.CRDTPay network system enables Merchants to use a unique function of a top-up cash solution. They can receive cash from clients and credit it to the CDRTPay Wallet of the Merchant in real-time.

  • CRDT network users can easily send and receive cryptocurrencies using a one-time generated QR code. Once created and scanned, transitions can be processed

  • It generally supports major banking cards such as 'MasterCard' and 'VISA' cards. Not limited to local transactions but also supports international.

  • The network platform can support user devices such as iOS and Android. This allows users to fully integrate the application in their daily activities or transactions, conveniently.

Project in a nutshell

The CRDT project was created as an all-in-one, one-stop thorough banking solution at the power of your fingertips. Its main goal is to bring together a diverse crypto environment that enables a single application solution for value transfer.

The network is also called CRDTPay and it’s a free application for merchants and buyers. Because of its multi-purpose financial support, sellers can list their products and services, so that buyers can check out and purchase products seamlessly.

It is made to support bank-issued currencies, third party payment cards, and fiat currencies, both local and international.


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More in-depth review of the project

The platform supports contactless payments, this allows users to establish phone to phone payment transactions or transfers and the use of CRDTPay card to seller’s phone or interface to accomplish a transaction.

For users to earn a CRDT token, the network has its reward system as an incentive to customers and merchants who enrolled in the network and use it. These rewards are in the form of cashback, tokens, redeemable points, and loyalty rewards programs.

CRDT also functions as an exchange platform for fiat to fiat, fiat to cryptocurrency, or cryptocurrency to fiat currencies.

The network has already accomplished its CryptoDaily Indices and Token Offerings. This means that the initial list of supported currencies is done and CRDT tokens as rewards are established.

Network Charting Development and Market Data Services. The network promotes transparency in its financial platform and promotes market expansion.

Future plans

  • CRDT netowrk is introducing own Stable Assets SCRDT USD

  • Digital money for the digital age : CRDT USD (SCRDT) revolutionizes how we use money. SCRDT, quite like digital content, moves at the speed of the internet and can be exchanged online with ease. They are cheaper and far more secure than existing payment systems.

  • Built on standards : CRDT USD is issued by regulated financial institutions, backed by fully reserved assets and redeemable 1:1 for US dollars. The ecosystem governed by CRDT based on consortium that sets technical, policy and financial standards for stablecoins.

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