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The DeviantCoin (DEV) is a PoS/Masternode based crypto. Developers of this cryptocurrency have aimed to provide the safest and most accessible infrastructure for coin usage. Masternodes provide many benefits, including: secure transactions, encrypted messaging, stealth addresses for complete anonymity, low numbers of confirmations, and low fees.
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Interesting Facts

  • Cryptocommunity generally agrees that DEV is one of the best masternode based digital assets, in a while. With great developers who are trying to push unique & innovative vision into life.

  • Deviant team aims to develop their own DEX (Decentralized Exchange) and a specialized Hardware wallet which couples as 3FA. This idea is groundbreaking and fresh.

  • The potential for high ROI for hosting DEV masternodes is extremely attractive prospect for many investors, further boosting DEV popularity.

  • DEV developers released Android wallet for their cryptocurrency 6 months ahead of schedule, back in 2018. They’re also super active on Discord and though every possible social media channel.

Project in a nutshell

Deviant Coin is trying to build their own privacy based Decentralized Cryptocurrency Exchange Network. Experience based of decentralized network of crypto Masternodes without unnecessary control and intermediaries/gatekeepers with more than 90% pure PoS block reward.

Since the masternodes are constantly connected to the network & perform certain tasks, this allows the coin to achieve faster and more private transactions. Also in the future DEV token will be used as part of a Decentralized Exchange, a new privacy-based platform for trading coins. Not only is the cryptocurrency going to be a trading pair on the DEX but it will have other uses such as being able to pay for fees right now. Currently a DEV masternode is still cheap investment (5k DEV) and give investors a ROI of 99% per year. This is extremely attractive return for many investors. This creates an instant market for DEV as people are trying to get their own masternode running. Furthermore proof of stake (POS) percent will slowly drop to 10% and masternodes get 90% of block reward. All these factors combined are strong indicator of this coin's bright future.

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More in-depth review of the project

Deviant Coin (DEV) will provide users with a next-level of secure crypto experience. Deviant Coin is an ambitious project that works upon a Proof of Stake/Masternode based reward system. It provides a secure mode of crypto experience while being anonymous, cryptographically secure with the best security principals that are technologically possible to achieve. All this just to guarantee a secure core meeting the requirements and expectations of investors and users. Elements of DEV ecosystem are as follows:

Deviant team aims to develop their own DEVX (Decentralized Cryptocurrency Exchange) and a specialized Hardware crypto wallet which couples as 3FA(!), this is the unique first attempt at creating a solution of this type and will revolutionize privacy for the community ahead. This digital asset's vision is to build secure decentralized services around the deviant coin for the crypto community. As a part of that vision Deviant coin will be used as a primary means of exchange for all those services. In the future when these services are launched, it is almost certain that Deviant coin, the core element of this ecosystem. We all know that centralized crypto exchanges can be problematic and with single point of failure they are prone to all kinds of hacks or are often a victim of bad actors. Also, any unexpected policy changes at the centralized exchanges may sometime put the crypto communities at their mercy. There’s nothing you can do about it. A de-listing for a certain coin can prove devastating and no coin would want to be ins such a position. In order to be fully reliant on in-house liquidity, Deviant coin plans to offer Decentralized Exchange Service that will enable multi-level security features unlike any other. DEVX will be a hybrid exchange and will draw the best elements from both centralized and decentralized exchanges. The transparency, security, integrity, accountability and user control of a decentralized exchange.

Another feature of DEV cryptocurrency is coin mixing using Zerocoin protocol extension. Masternodes provide a ‘coin mixing’ service. They mix transactions between multiple senders, making it very difficult to establish the precise origin of any coin spent in a transaction. The Zerocoin extension functions like a mixing pool, temporarily pooling coins together and exchanging them for newly minted coins. Mixing pools are an established concept used by various online services on a centralized basis. Zerocoin takes this concept onto protocol level, making it decentralized, and uses cryptography to anonymize exchanges with the pool.

Instant coin transfer is another interesting feature of DEV. Masternodes provide a service of instantly confirmed transactions via SwiftX. Transactions sent through SwiftX are locked on the sender’s account and transferred immediately to the other party. This occurs through a mechanism that utilizes coins deposited in a masternode’s stake to guarantee the payment. The list of masternodes appointed at any given time to provide the SwiftX service is determined at random by a protocol algorithm after every block round. This preserves the decentralized manner of transacting in this way.

Future plans

  • Currently Deviant Coin's team is very much focused on getting all their wallets out there.They will play a vital role when the DEX is out. Some of DEV wallets are currently under construction and soon will be available for public use. Wallets will be available for multiple platforms (Win, Ubuntu, Mac, Android, iOS). DevTeam is also working on various cryptocurrency payment gateways to make it efficient and worth investing into. The biggest thing for this cryptocurency are decentralized exchanges - DEVX. DEVX will be the first of its kind hybrid exchange leveraging smartcoins on the Bitshares (BTS) blockchain. DEVX will draw the best elements from both centralized and decentralized exchanges and it will make it an interesting reward generating asset. Dev team is also working on a Hardware Wallet Prototype.

DeviantCoin - Image Courtesy of DeviantCoin
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