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Divi project focuses on introducing easy to use cryptocurrency to the masses.
2.48 mln
5.69 mln

Interesting Facts

  • To drive adoption and retention higher, Divi offers unique feature - Lottery Blocks. Once per week eleven lucky masternode owners will win approximately up to $50k USD worth of Divi

  • Priority of Divi project is to humanize financial experience of cryptocurrency by hiding all unnecessary technical layers. Divi Smart Wallet is even easier to use as traditional online payment methods

  • Divi created new type of blockchain ecosystem that stores names and meta-data along with transactions. Users can add details such as photo, email, phone number and link it with their account.

Project in a nutshell

The Divi Project is aiming to introduce crypto to the average Joe. For that reason, developers created the world's most advanced masternode technology with a one-click setup. This way average users with no technical background can participate in a cryptocurrency network as full nodes. Simplicity of owning a masternode is the first step towards Divi's vision of making cryptocurrencies safe, user-friendly, and accessible to everyone on earth. Ultimate goal of Divi is to push mass adoption of cryptocurrency to the point when crypto will replace current monetary systems.

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More in-depth review of the project

The Divi Project is here to solve the biggest and most common dilemma in the crypto world: mass adoption by average people. There are too many people now who avoid it cryptocurrency. Let's face it crypto world is too technical, uninteresting and complicated. The Divi Project is different than other cryptocurrencies:

User friendly Smart Wallet - which is focused on the best user experience and removing 'pain points' - unnecessary technical elements

Crypto Banking - Divi's Wallet offer new ways to manage money. For example, receiver of your transaction first needs to confirm PIN code before accessing the funds. Second interesting option is Vaulting feature - which allows store money on the blockchain and nobody, even the owner, can remove it until predetermined date.

Multi Coin System - Smart Divi Wallet can manage not only Divi but also Bitcoin, Bitcoin Cash & Ethereum. All features Divi Wallet offers will be accessible to Bitcoin users. It means that no more mistakes during sending your Bitcoin will happen.

Atomic Swaps and Exchanges - users will be able to use 'atomic swap' technology to switch their digital assets near-instantly between types of cryptocurrencies.

Scalability - Divi's blockchain is already running ten times faster than Bitcoin, and that is only beginning - in the future 'Lightning Network' technology will be released, so that millions of near-instant micro-transactions will be possible through off-chain side channels.

Advanced Governance System - Coin holders will be able to vote to modify parts of the blockchain itself. Influence the inflation rate, fee amounts, and even turn some features on or off. In the future they will be able to elect some of Divi's leadership

Future plans

  • Divi developers have very interesting plans for 2019 they are working on: faster transactions, payment protocol (BIP70-BIP73) support, easily-identifiable payment requests and verifiable, secure bitcoin payments; Atomic Swaps (BTC/DIVI); SegWit and Lightning Network implementation; multi signature support and much more.

Divi - Image Courtesy of Divi
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