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Electra Coin (ECA) is a cryptocurrency focused on eneabling instant secure Peer-to-peer payments anywhere in the world. Electra is an open source crypto project built on performance, security and cost-effective fees.
3.67 mln
168.98 mln

Interesting Facts

  • Electra uses NIST5/SHA256 blockchain which ensures that funds are protected from malicious attacks.

  • Electra offers instant transactions with a confirmation block time of 64 seconds.

  • This digital asset implemented SegWit thus making possible cross chain transactions and single confirmation transaction.

  • Electra coin transactions, unlike other transactions on other blockchains, are limited in size and scope to increase speed, efficiency, and throughput.

Project in a nutshell

Electra has been launched in 2017. The Electra Project has been developed with many user-friendly features in mind, to allow merchants, customers, investors and casual users to incorporate Electra’s global payment system into their everyday lives. Since the beginning, Electra's main goal is to transform the world views on payments through cryptocurrency and blockchain technologies. With solid and unique project and the integrity of dedicated community, Electra developers believe that their coin will achieve this goal.

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More in-depth review of the project

Electra uses NIST5 as its hashing algorithm which is a combinantion of the finalist and winner of the US National Institute of Standards and Technology hash function competition. NIST5 and was developed following the results of a 5-year study at the United States’ National Institute of Standards and Technology. NIST5 has been shown to be more power efficient and secure than other industry leading algorithms.

Future plans

  • Electra's future goals include, among others: more exchange listings, 3rd party wallet integration, merchant integration, release of iOS Wallet, introduction Atomic Swap function for ElectraPay, Electra Debit Cards and many more.

Electra - Image Courtesy of Electra
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