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e-Money is a cryptocurrency that supports storage and electronic payment systems operating in every industry for financial transactions. It is made for the improvement of global payments using an efficient blockchain layer.
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Interesting Facts

  • The company built the platform on an equal playing field so that users can see the transparency in the financial services on global coverage.

  • e-Money was founded by Martin Dyring-Anderson who is an expert on algorithmic trading and FX market with 20 years of experience, and Henrik Aasted Sorensen who is a senior software engineer with 15 years of experience in financial security, consultancy, and infrastructure.

  • The network is built on a Cosmos ecosystem. Its blockchains can run independently but at the same time maintain their interoperability.

Project in a nutshell

The e-Money project was created to support a global scale of financial payments and transactions. One of its goals is to improve the banking system using single-layer blockchain technology.

The developers are aiming to provide next-generation stablecoins that are fully collateralized, interest-bearing, supports global major currencies, a system for user compliance, and transparency.

Using the platform will allow users to enjoy low transaction costs, instant settlement, scalable real-time payments, and open access without gatekeepers.

e-money stake

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More in-depth review of the project

The concept of the applied technology is to provide an efficient electronic payment system among users, establishments, or banks. This platform is also well supported by Block Finance.

They intend to release a system that can cover a range of currency based stablecoins with a design that would not support a wholesale replacement on the existing financial platforms, but rather provide a second-layer solution for traditional financial transactions.

Tokens are backed by collateral in the form of deposits and government bonds held at commercial banks.

Similar to savings in a bank account, e-Money tokens are interest bearing. Interest is automatically applied without the need to lock up funds.

Future plans

  • Mainnet upgrade, Financial Supervisory Authority Authorisation approval, expand partnership, and several other ones.

  • Its current development goals will be focused on the launching of the Cosmos IBC protocol, integration of BEP3 support module, integration of Ethereum, and integration of Avalanche. This is to expand the exchange range and use of NGM tokens.

  • Application on Credit Card Payments. Aside from the application of bank transfers, NGM users can use their credit card to exchange currency supported stablecoins for fiat currency.

  • In the future, we can expect the creation of an NGM liquidity pool in Uniswap, automated client onboarding, a stable and centralized exchange listing, and WebAssembly on smart contracts. This will allow the DeFi applications to be used for payment facilities, enable a seamless exchange between cryptocurrencies, and an exchange of currencies for fiat used in bank transfers or transactions.

e-Money stake