Essentia is a cryptocurrency and a masternode that is supported by blockchains to provide cross-chain and interoperability transactions. It is a platform that enables an 'all-in-one', crypto management. Essentia allows users to add liquidity, trade, and swap.
12.3 mln
21.4 mln

Interesting Facts

  • Essentia is headed by Bohdan Bobrytski as CEO and Andrew Gard as COO. The team is composed of blockchain and marketing experts.

  • Essentia uses its native token called ‘ESS’, this is used for transactions, trading, swap, and govern.

  • It utilizes all existing networks and multiple blockchains to allow users a seamless interaction among leading cryptocurrencies.

  • The platform has over 750 integrated currencies.It is the first triple cross-chain bridge between the main ESSX Mainnet, Ethereum based ERC20, and Binance BEP20.

Project in a nutshell

The project Essentia was created to support a multi-channel set of protocols that can connect both centralized and decentralized resources. It introduces a new user experience and powerful interactions.

It gives the user the ability to manage all crypto-related services in a single platform through its cross transaction, interoperability, and masternode blockchains.

It runs a two-node set-up called masternode and supernodes. They both run a Proof-of-Stake consensus, that allows the user to perform utility operations for the network like signing blocks, storing metadata, and processing transactions. The difference between the two is that supernodes receive 75% of a total block reward,

Essentia Staking

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More in-depth review of the project

The Essentia blockchain or framework can operate anywhere around the world. By looking for the most efficient way to manage and utilize the internet, while giving relevance to the users control on cryptographic rules and data.

Experts have developed this platform to create a building solution of blockchain for consumer needs in smart contracts, exchanges, and decentralized storage.

The platform supports several industries such as the global exchange, masterodes system, the government, and different businesses. It offers tokens services in farming, staking, borrowing, and lending.

Because of the I2 ZKsync, the interaction between leading cryptocurrencies has been made possible, simple, and cheap. The network also allows the user to create multiple accounts for personal, business, organization, and corporate use. It will have its own account setting and separate wallet.

Future plans

  • The Essentia development team is focused to innovate areas in software improvement, resources, and market expansion. Here are some of the network’s achievements, updates, and future plans.

  • Future improvements in the self-sustaining protocol, resource sharing, distribution, decentralized governance, and oracle testing. This will further enhance the operational capability of the platform for easy and quick transactions.

  • Hardware integration on user devices for expanded public reach. This will allow users to have the convenience of using through other devices.

  • The network has recently released their computer desktop version software, featuring updates on UI/UX enhancement, refund functionality, and token swap.

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