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ExclusiveCoin is open-sourced PoS and masternode cryptocurrency focused on fast, private transactions with low transaction fees. This cryptocurrency is an old established coin with a blockchain thats currently 3 years old. The digital asset has native mixing mechanism implemented into its wallet - which means it's providing additional layer of privacy and anonymity.
3.99 mln
51.23 mln

Interesting Facts

  • ExclusiveCoin - is one of the oldest Proof-of-Stake coins. With blockchain dated few years back.

  • ExclusiveCoin - has wallet which is natively supporting coin mixing. There is no need to use 3rd party tumblers to achieve greater level of privacy anymore.

  • ExclusiveCoin - was created in 2014 as a hybrid of Proof of Work (PoW) and Proof of State (PoS). Its ICO was launched with 60 million coins.

  • ExclusiveCoin - uses DarkSend protocol to make the transactions fully anonymous as well as untraceable for this coin.

Project in a nutshell

Exclusive Coin uses the PoS system and doesn't need computing power mine coins. Instead mining process is atrributed to the number of coins a miner holds, thus removes the complicated mining procedure of the PoW system. What is more, cryptocurrency's lead developer, Kingscrown developed this altcoin with the aim of improving privacy in crypto transactions. He is an experienced developer who worked with other cryptocurrencies such as HBN, COL and LGD.

Which exchanges is this coin listed on?


More in-depth review of the project

Exclusive Coin is one of the few masternode platforms. It means that employs a computer wallet to operate the blockchain and relay the blocks. What is more, masternodes provide additional layer of security and speed. One of the more intesting features is option to purchase EXCL directly from the Exclusive Coin wallet. EXCL canan be traded on the following cryptocurrency exchanges: Bittrex, CryptoBridge, OpenLedger, Upbit, and CoinExchange that allow you to purchase EXCL.

Future plans

  • ExclusiveCoin developers plans for 2019 and future features: On-The-Fly Exchange: This feature will allow the users of this cryptocurrency to make transactions on the go from any portal that accepts Bitcoin, further privacy improvement with introduction of Zerocash protocol

ExclusiveCoin - Image Courtesy of ExclusiveCoin