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Experience Points

Experience Points is a PoS based cryptocurrency described as a rewards incentive token. Rewarding gamers for unlocking achievements, students for their attendance and good grades, and athletes for completing events. In short, people can earn tokens as they complete real life goals.
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Interesting Facts

  • Experience Points uses a modified PoS algorithm to favor smaller stakeholders over large ones. That is indeed unique, and it might encourage crypto enthusiasts to buy in.

  • Experience Points was unknown cryptocurrency that turned $100 into $13.7 million in roughly one year, back in January 2018.

  • Everyone interested in the Experience Points can earn tokens by playing a game: https://coincrazy.online/game.php

Project in a nutshell

The goal of the Eperience Points developer teams is to build a bridge between the cryptocurrency world of couple million users, and the over 1.2 billion gamers worldwide through an innovative Proof-of-Stake reward system. Furthermore the XP team run aggressive marketing and has solid expansion plan. To summarize, with XP cryptocurrency:

– Everyone gets paid to keep the coin network secure.

– Everyone shares the transaction history, so the coin is transparent.

– The software for this crypto asset is open source so you know it’s safe.

– It is anonymous and anyone can open an account.

– It is extremely fast; you can send money to anyone in the world within minutes

Which exchanges is this coin listed on?


More in-depth review of the project

What is really interesting and unique in Experience Points coin system is the fact that it use Pentanode System. This crypto asset utilizes a five-hub framework. Every hub satisfies a specific capacity for the Experience Points ecosystem. With a specific end goal to secure network integrity and guarantee distribution of XP crosswise over focused industries. XP Pentanode System consist of several types of nodes

Masternodes: This cryptocurrency works under a Proof of Stake model, so the masternodes serve as ordinary PoS consensus mechanism. They guarantee around a half yearly profit and require a minimum 50kk XP to work. Hubs that hold more than the minimum will get the same hourly return (approximately 2,800XP). This fail safe mechanism disincentivizes hoarding and urges users to set up more hubs to help the network.

Supernodes: This crypto hub requires 1 billion XP to work and guarantees an approximate 200% yearly degree of profitability. However, the 1 billion submitted XP will be consumed after setting the hub to shield administrators from dumping coins when they achieve a profit target. This guarantees just genuine investors who have confidence in the project.

Salesnodes: These hubs will be distributed to sellers, retailers, and shop proprietors who need to embrace XP for payment as well as limited time reasons. They’ll work like masternodes, with some limitation. The stake can’t be part up, sold, or moved. Staking rewards will be used to distribute XP to clients per the merchant’s circumspection, but these rewards will be capped at 150% of the original stake to ensure that funds are really being redistributed and aren’t laying lethargic.

Devnodes: Devnodes resemble salesnodes, and they’ll be allowed to engineers to use with their online items. Like Salesnodes, the staked coin can’t be separated or moved out of the node. The administrator can’t get to the funds by any stretch of the imagination. They must be distributed through the XP API to advance flow among platform users, and for devnodes, any staking rewards that are not redistributed within 10 long stretches of being earned are immediately singed. This is intended to urge designers to draw XP into the framework and quicken the coin’s appropriation on their platform.

Geonodes: Geonodes outgoing interface Experience Points users to the physical world. These hubs will oversee distributing XP to individuals who visit a specific area, landmark, or other fascination. Just by showing up and scanning a QR code, you could get XP for visiting a prominent vacationer hot-spot or a museum, when it will be associated with a geonode.

Future plans

  • In the future, the coin's team would like to handle worldwide on-boarding by offering designers and businesses a unit to begin with their own particular hub, set up an Experience Points market for service/item listing and payment, and make an independent engineers entryway for this crypto's ecosystem.

Experience Points - Image Courtesy of Experience Points
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