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Fuse Network

The Fuse network is a permissionless and border-less public ledger designed for easy integration of everyday payments. Its tailor made for local communities and used to power day-to-day mobile payments for any person with a phone.
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Interesting Facts

  • Fuse is a source, mobile alternative to legacy banking that allows anyone in the world to access digital payments and decentralized finance.

  • Its a no-code platform for communities and businesses to build new economic models, leveraging powerful tools and APIs in a low entry sandbox.

  • A fast, decentralized payment network that offers ethereum smart contract capabilities and enables anyone to have ownership in the infrastructure.

  • Fuse Studio is a zero coding launch platform for entrepreneurs and impact leaders.

Project in a nutshell

The Fuse chain is an ethereum sidechain designed specifically to replace traditional means of exchange and make payments on the blockchain more accessible for mainstream audiences.

The network is operated by validators which are organizations that are running nodes that validate transactions and execute smart contracts. Validators get paid in the Fuse token.

In order to qualify as a validator, the organization needs to stake a certain amount of Fuse token and become a long term stake-holder in the network.

DPoS (Delegate Proof of Stake) mechanism allows the network to grow while constant election of validators reduces the risk for malicious actors.

Fuse Stake

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More in-depth review of the project

Consensus is a fault-tolerant mechanism that is used in blockchain systems to achieve the necessary agreement on the single state of the network.

Being a validator is technically complex. In addition to staking Fuse, validators need to run specialist software and have 100% uptime hardware.

The basic requirement to become a Fuse chain validator is to have a stake amount of at least 100,000 Fuse tokens. The stake amount is the sum of staked and delegated Fuse tokens of the address.

Fuse chain functionality can be change by voting on the contracts implementations. New implementations can be deployed, and opened to vote by validators for others to decide on whether to accept/reject the changes.

Future plans

  • Fuse Network 2.0:Currently in discussion in fuse forum about making changes that could impact monetary policy.

  • Fuse Studio:Core Wallet improvements — the interface on the wallet used by studio users to onboard early community members

  • FuseSwap for mobile, A native DEX integrated into the core wallet.

  • FuseX:Early-stage concept designed to further increase FUSE token sink.

Fuse Stake program