Fusion is a cryptocurrency financial platform that supports digital money conversion. It is a stage interface that works as a host to other blockchain systems and networks. Its function is to allow the developers and users to create their own application that openly interacts with other functions and technical network systems.
25.4 mln
42 mln

Interesting Facts

  • They use a particular method of staking, using a time-lock that creates a bridge to independent blockchains enabling interaction.

  • By introducing the Fusion ecosystem to a large scale Multi Triggering Mechanism technology, it will allow even smart cities to use its platform for network and communication.

  • It uses a unique Hierarchical Hybrid Consensus Mechanism combining Proof of Work and Proof of Stake systems.

  • It has a direct digital exchange of assets that do not need intermediaries known to them as the Internet of Value (IoV).

Project in a nutshell

This project was created to support a global level of accessibility, transparency, and financial efficiency of digital assets.

One of their goals is to allow the developers to make use of open-source technology so that they may be able to build freely a modern generation of a decentralized finance infrastructure that is competitive on a global scale.

Fusion is composed of a team of experts in finance, business, and technology in different advantageous locations that focuses their work on a unique approach of using blockchain technology and finance.

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More in-depth review of the project

Fusion is a platform for decentralized financial applications. Apart from their exchange network system, the company is also influential with their program applications.

The interoperable system is dynamic in that it can be a base for unrestricted connectivity to blockchains, databases and any other technical infrastructures.

Its primary functions and applications are all custom built to support the company ideals. They introduce flexibility among systems that allow operations from decentralized to centralized and centralized to decentralized inside the Fusion.

Future plans

  • Introduced their Quantum Swap Feature that allows their users to take control when exchanging digital assets.

  • Continuation of their Expansion of Asset Gateway to allocate other digital assets safely in the Fusion ecosystem creating a more personal community of different economies.

  • Enhancing the Block Explorer system to follow through transactions, external assets, block height, and wallet addresses.

  • In 2020, the company is looking forward to having integrated its DCRM system into its mainnet systems as well as creating a financial product development module.