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Horizen is a digital cryptocurrency featuring a wide network of 39 thousand nodes globally. Its native currency, ZEN, is what powers its network which allows businesses and developers to create their own blockchains. Horizen’s Sidechain Software Development Kit (SDK) makes a fully customizable blockchain that is complete and can be deployed easily. The Sidechain concept allows developers to customize their own blockchain that is separate from the main blockchain. This helps improve integration.
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Interesting Facts

  • Horizen operates the largest number of nodes in the cryptocurrency and blockchain sphere.

  • The Sidechain SDK is a breakthrough in blockchain technology where the developers are able to do what they want on the sidechain, providing it meets community standards, before integrating it with the main chain.

  • The ZEN allows control of its digital footprint where transactions can either be made public or private. It uses T addresses for public transactions, while Z addresses for private and anonymous transactions.

  • Horizen’s team lead Rob Viglione has vast experience in the industry as a former physicist, and mathematician with experience in Bitshares, BlockPlay, Zclassic, Seasteading and Bitgate.

Project in a nutshell

The Horizen platform gives developers an avenue to express their creativity and wild ideas through the Sidechain SDK, which is not limited by a central authority, but instead by consensus and community standards.

It aims to be the leading diverse blockchain ecosystem composed of developers, investors, miners, node operators, businesses, open source volunteers, non profit foundations, partners, evangelists, and end users. It embodies a purely decentralized network that is not governed by any central authority.

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More in-depth review of the project

The Horizen project is very much progressive and its development is now on the Sidechain Beta 1Q where parallel testnet is enabled.

Its strength is much on its development of a side chain. It is based on the modular model where separate modules, the sidechain, are built in order for developments to be accommodated with the main chain. The sidechain’s integrity and privacy is however not impeded as long as it meets community standards.

The sidechain development is validated by a random selection of validators, and validation certificates are then issued prior to adoption to the main chain. The main chain will no longer be privy of the transfers in the sidechain, it relies solely on the certificates of the validators.

Ultimately, those users of the sidechain SDK are able to maximize their work in consideration of the dependability of the Horizen network.

Future plans

  • Its development team focuses on polishing the Sidechain SDK in order to meet optimum user experience and satisfaction. Sidechain SDK targets to launch in testnet by 2021.

  • As Horizen continues its development, it constantly expands its node network by adding to its number on a regular basis.

  • Expand its reach on the cryptocurrency space and the blockchain technology sphere by constantly adding new technology to their network while strengthening their native currency, the ZEN.

  • Horizen is going to further invest financial resources on their beta-testing, research, UX, and marketing campaigns to improve market adoption of cryptos and Blockchain technology.

  • Collaboration with other major influencers in the crypto community to expand its market reach and integrate new technologies to better improve its digital ledger system.