ICON is a blockchain technology focused on interoperability, the ability to transact across multiple blockchains, and building a digital economy with a vision of bridging together a world of digital nations. Icon’s native coin is ICX which can be used for real-time payments such as hospital bills, insurances, tuition fees, and more.
158 mln
3960 mln

Interesting Facts

  • ICON is South Korea’s largest cryptocurrency project that successfully innovated the Loop Fault Tolerance 2 (LFT2) which improves blockchains’ performance after 3 years of extensive research and development.

  • ICON is currently the top 8 most utilized blockchain network with over 120 validators from around the world.

  • ICONLOOP, the parent company of ICON, with its MyID Alliance is backed by 44 financial and non-financial partners such as Samsung, LINE, Deloitte.

  • This cryptocurrency is taking the blockchain community to the next level and even had the South Korean government back them up to utilize the use of the blockchain platform of moving towards democracy.

Project in a nutshell

ICON plays an essential role in designing and running the digital economy across any blockchain. This platform is characterized by usability, scalability, and reliability to traders online. ICON network is being used in real-time transactions such as in banks, hospitals, universities, and more.

ICON performs in a large scale manner where connecting interchain blockchain platforms builds more value and scalable networks.

The core of ICON's sustainable network lies in its transparent governance system fueled with mutual trust among the people behind the ICON community.

Current ICON products are ICONex, ICON Tracker, DID and ICONick

ICON - Image Courtesy of ICON

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More in-depth review of the project

ICON is a decentralized network where other different blockchains interact with each other without any intermediaries. This platform is quoted as the network for blockchains connecting independent networks.

ICON has been developed with an architectural design called the Loop-Fault Tolerance consensus which ensures smooth transactions within networks

Integrating and working with other companies such as ChainLink, further expands the interoperability of the ICON network. Not to mention, ICONLOOP plays a big role in expanding the ICON community. ICON’s partnership goal with MyID Alliance and Saramin is to develop a blockchain-based digital ID and verification system to directly identify the credentials people use to apply.

Future plans

  • ICON’s key focus is to improve upon its technology and security features of the network. They seek to accomplish block recovery, P-Rep Private Key Dualizing just to mention a few.

  • ICON is pursuing to improve its documentation and commentary between codes for an enhanced level of open-source.

  • Better incentives governance and funding mechanisms for ICONists contribution to the network.

  • Blockchain Transmission Protocol: This allows the transfer of value and information between different blockchains. Basically, more interoperability. These blockchains will help users to interconnect and communicate via ICON Network.

  • Sidechain: Improving Scalability and implementing interchain and governance to create the true ICON Republic. This sidechain will be used by external DApps developers as an execution environment to focus more on improving the system. It is a separate world that does not affect the main chain and helps the main icon network to focus more on interchain and governance transactions.

Icon - Image Courtesy of Icon