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IOST (Internet of Service Token) is a project focused on helping Blockchain with scalability and security issues. IOST divides data into different parts and evenly distributes it throughout the Blockchain network. It also uses Proof-of-Believability consensus method to provide secure transactions at scale.
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Interesting Facts

  • IOST takes over the 5th spot out of 37 blockchain projects in China despite having the Chinese Government to ban the trading of Bitcoin.

  • IOST is the first blockchain launched on the Amazon Web Service (AWS), the global leading cloud computing platform.

  • “Charity Information Disclosure Platform” is a contribution made by IOST to help fight against Coronavirus aiming to uphold transparency and accountability within the processes of charity organizations.

  • IOST is backed by world-class investors and high-qualified experts launched in 2018 as an alternative for Ethereum for building decentralized applications

Project in a nutshell

A decentralized “Internet of Services Token” platform that offers secure blockchain technology for online service providers. This cryptocurrency allows developers to install large-scale dApps capable of supporting numerous users.

IOST uses Efficient Distributed Sharding (EDS) and the Proof-of-Believability that increases the system’s performance and at the same time guaranteeing security and privacy protection.

This project could be a pioneer in leading the future of online services.

Iost - Image Courtesy of IOST

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More in-depth review of the project

Efficient Distributed Sharding (EDS) approach is used by IOST where data are broken up into shards and distributed throughout the network. EDS can help increase transaction throughput and reduce issues in the platform.

A token is the medium of exchange for IOST that can also be used for dApps deployment and execution. Initially, these tokens were issued on the Ethereum blockchain but now that mainnet has been launched, IOST is currently using a native token.

IOST is considered highly entrepreneurial that satisfies a large group of users. This decentralized blockchain technology is constantly improving and steadily achieves its goals one at a time.

Most companies look up to IOST’s ability to process tens of thousands of transactions in a second having its process free from systematic errors. Additionally, within IOST are innovations such as Atomix and Hyper Universe distributed System (HUDS) which help implement consistency among networks.

Future plans

  • Develop various areas of IOST to expand its scope making it more connected and efficient to continue with the progress made during 2019.

  • Improvements in Ecosystem Services and User Experiences to increase support and enhance the marketability of the IOST Project.

  • IOST Node Program v2.0 is an upgrade to the current incentive system to ensure the rights and interests of both tier partner nodes.

  • Accelerate the Expansion of IOST to 30 Key Countries: to be more globally adept and to create a healthy competition among competitors building a new ecosystem by expanding connections through partnerships with at least 5 top global enterprises.

  • Launch three top-quality DApps to encourage consumers around the world to use IOST in transacting.

Iost - Image Courtesy of Iost