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Komodo is a decentralized blockchain platform that enables external developers to create their own network and launch their own Initial Coin Offering (ICO).It aims to provide more privacy and security than first generation blockchain like Bitcoin. Komodo focuses on providing user-friendly network solutions that are secure, scalable, interoperable, and flexible.
65.5 mln
10001 mln

Interesting Facts

  • Komodo has performed over more than a hundred thousand cross-chain tradings on its BarterDex platform making it the leading platform in atomic swap technology.

  • Komodo is known as the king of security in the cryptocurrency industry for using the delayed proof of work mechanism which checks its entire Komodo ecosystem every ten minutes.

  • Komodo outwits its competitors like Monero, Verge, and more by being able to perform exchanges and authorize tradings in the market.

  • In terms of speed, Komodo surpasses VISA by using 64-blockchains that is able to run up to 45.000 tx/sec and securing the use of multiple chains with KMD’s dPoW mechanism.

Project in a nutshell

Komodo is a privacy coin that focuses on hosting dApps and decentralized exchanges. It is a decentralized crypto platform that authorizes direct swaps from user wallets without the need for other intermediaries.

Komodo emphasizes privacy and solid trading to maintain value among its core users and keen investors. The platform also allows external developers to create their own blockchain which means that these developers may choose the type of features and technologies they want to incorporate in their blockchain and implement it with ease.

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More in-depth review of the project

The native currency behind Komodo is the Komodo coin (KMD). Komodo platform relies on Zcash, a zero-knowledge proof protocol that allows a user to very some information without revealing anything more to ensure privacy and control over any transactions.

Maintaining a secure environment for Komodo users, Delayed Proof of Work consensus protocol is being used a little differently than dPOW of Bitcoin. This mechanism adds notarization on the network and ensures the stability and integrity of the blockchain.

Additionally, Komodo is becoming so much more of an ecosystem and a development platform rather than being a cryptocurrency that ensures private transactions and security. In relation to this is the established services of Komodo such as BarterDex, a decentralized exchange that is powered by the novel tech of atomic swaps, dICO, a decentralized version of ICO, and the likes.

Future plans

  • Komodo is innovating its core vision for better performance, eradicating bugs, and focusing more on fixing its security risks.

  • Rewriting dPoW for more efficient and effective performance. This design is to look forward to for its cheaper notarization costs.

  • June 2020: The scheduled release for dApps using the existing Antara Modules making Komodo perform faster and easier.

  • DataP2P a new file sharing protocol that is capable of handling a large number of transactions and messages per second.