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With the KnowYourDeveloper platform users will be able to hire a developer for crypto project, coin or token or pay for verification listing, thus increasing their credibility. With KYDCoin being the preferable payment method for that platform.
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Interesting Facts

  • KYD platform is one of the first projects that focus on evaluating crypto-related initiatives.

  • This asset's platform can be used to seek and hire crypto-developers of numerous fields.

  • Cryptocurrency's main goal is to make the cryptosphere safer by providing all-in safe environment for developers and users alike.

  • On KYD platform developers can be paid with Bitcoins, or with a discounted price, through KYDCoin.

Project in a nutshell

For developers of KYDCoin, the main mission is to make the cryptosphere safer and minimize all investing risks. The best way to achieve that goal is by creating unified platform where only thoroughly inspected developers, projects & verified teams are listed. The coin's platform can be used for both developers and users. As a developer you can get verified (this digital asset uses multiple levels of verification, from basic Skype verification to more advanced - passport ID check) and get listed on this asset's platform - which will ultimately boost your credentials. As user - you may get in touch with verified developers, hire and pay them with KYDCoin, to develop your cryptocurrency project.

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More in-depth review of the project

With the KYD platform users, will be able to hire a developer for crypto related project, creation of coin or token - and pay with KYDCoin.

Developers can get listed on KYD platform database with basic verification via Skype or more advanced one - through passport verification. Verification fee can be paid using bitcoins, or with a discounted price, with KYDCoin.

Being a premium member will give them basic features like,Direct contact to a crypto developer,Easy and securely paying developers in KYD for the building of a coin, making an explorer, developing a pool etc.

Future plans

  • KYDCoin developers plan for the future: introduction of IPFS - interplanetary file sharing and All-in-one service–coin listings - paying a fixed amount of KYD to get your cryptocurrency listed on 1 exchange, Masternodes.Online etc. - in short, to offer a complete coin creation service.

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