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Luxcore caters to enterprises, which require blockchain-based solutions for their business and functional requirements. It offers an added assurance of privacy, security, specialized solutions and a scalable crypto ecosystem.
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Interesting Facts

  • John McAfee, the legend behind renowned computer security brand McAfee, heads the LuxCore team as the CEO.

  • Popular cryptocurrency expert and youtuber Doug Polk believes that this cryptocurrency has a great deal of potential.

  • With Solidity programming language for smart contracts, this digital asset positions themselves among other great players such as Ethereum or Qtum for a mainstream adoption.

  • As of August 2018, the LuxCore media has over 31,000 social followers.

Project in a nutshell

Many small businesses, big enterprises, governments and miscellaneous institutions are exposing consumers to sub-par solutions for their privacy and security management requirements. Blockchain is known to be an up and coming technology for reliable, secure and privacy-driven applications. Luxcore brings the blockchain solution to the enterprises looking for a specifically-tailored platform with multiple functionalities.

This cryptoasset provides users with an ASIC-resistant GPU mining algorithm, which is basically a much faster and more substantially more efficient method of mining. This takes up lesser power and releases heat in lesser amounts. All this is based over the LUXcoin token, which is the basis of the Luxcore blockchain network made for companies. The masternode, decentralised apps, proof-of-work (PoW), proof-of-stake (PoS) mining, trading wallet and smart contracts are some of the salient features which make this cryptocurrency the best choice for enterprise solutions.

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More in-depth review of the project

The Luxcore blockchain aims to provide specialized blockchain-based solutions to business entities and governments of all sizes and complexities. With a blockchain based on tokens and mining that take things up another notch when it comes to efficiency and quickness. This cryptocurrency is intricate, with multiple features that we list here:

Lux Masternode: Any station connected to the Luxcore network, or mining LUX is considered a node. These nodes are utilised to strengthen the network, and a masternode (a 24/7/365 dedicated server) which increases the capacity and capability of the blockchain network.

Segwit: This is a new revolutionary way to induct higher security standards when it comes to transactions and signatures. With the Segwit feature, LUX will separate signatures from transactions and structuring them to the end of the transaction.

Smart Contracts: The blockchain network is unified through these smart contracts. These smart contracts can be deployed directly from the trading wallets of the cryptocurrency and carry out transactions and tasks across the network.

Multi Signatures: Funds and precious resources are often left unsafe when secured with single signature which are basically a single point of possible failure. Multi-signatures assure a higher multi-layered security infrastructure, and bring a higher degree of security to the coin.

Dapps: Dapps are the modules of decentralized specific solutions to business problems, which are being deployed in the Luxcore platform, on free and freemium basis. Custom Dapps can be built and deployed according to customer-specific needs, bringing higher modularity and specialisation to the services.

All these features, plus multiple others, make up the platform of this investment platform, proving for its proficiency.

Future plans

  • The Luxcore team is committed to bringing to you the best possible services from their applications and platform. This digital asset is ever growing, and is rolling out in phases soaring through the space of blockchain enterprise solutions like a rocket. Upcoming phases include release of the Wallet for the cryptocurrency, Dapps for Lux, PoS wallets for passive income and multiple other promised features. An increased structure in the company, marketing rounds and phases etc. are also a part of the future plans, developing Luxcore more as a crypto company.

Future plans of Luxcore - please consider if you want to buy Luxcore
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