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MMOCoin is a cryptoasset created by gamers for gamers. With MMOCoin gamers will be able to buy, sell, and trade almost anything they need for their gaming experience.
0.12 mln
1.3 mln

Interesting Facts

  • MMOCoin is one of the first cryptocurrencies that focus on MMO related gaming

  • This digital asset offers unique tiered staking system which levels of stake divided into the percentage of the coins consist in the wallet.

  • MMOCoin can be used on a dedicated marketplace which reinvents the simplicity of global digital assets trade.

  • MMOCoin was developed in conjuncion with the same people who stand behind the MMOPro, community that boasts a user count of over 250,000.

Project in a nutshell

Developers of MMOCoin – linked toghether blockchain (which is the secure and easy-to-use platform) community, and marketplace for fast transactions (with build in security features like escrow). What is more MMOCoin is the first cryptocurrency accepted Massive Multiplayer Online Games. By using a cryptocurrency as the primary form of payment for digital goods, users are protected against fraduds as transactions are recorded on the blockchain and are 100% audit-able for any and all disputes between users. Additionally, transactions can be finalized in a matter of seconds instead of waiting for long.

Which exchanges is this coin listed on?


More in-depth review of the project

MMOCoin was written in the Script algorithm and uses an interesting and a unique feature called Tiered Staking. This tiered structure ensures a constant and steady release of coins into circulation. It is set up to reward those who have chosen to take on the highest ownership commitment with the highestrewards. Tiered proof_of_stake (PoS) is actually the levels of Stake divided into the percentage of the coins consist in the wallet & we have divided the stake reward into the following levels (as per anum):

Holding 1-999 MMO in the OS wallet will provide 1% stake reward.

Holding 1000-9999 MMO in the OS wallet will provide 2% stake reward.

Holding 10000-49999 MMO in the OS wallet will provide 5% stake reward.

Holding 50000-99999 MMO in the OS wallet will provide 7% stake reward.

Holding 100000+ MMO in the OS wallet will provide 10% stake reward.

Future plans

  • MMOCoin developers plan for 2019: new partnerships, releasing of new mobile-compatibile wallet, MMOCoin sponsored game tournaments and streams, airdrops, also hiring public key figures to promote the cryptocurrency and more.

MMOCoin - Image Courtesy of MMOCoin