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Monetary Unit

Monetary Unit simply refer to a decentralized, self-governed and self-sustainable cryptocurrency platform which is user-friendly accessible to everyone. The MUE was started way back in July 2014 mainly to change the wrong perception of people who believed cryptocurrency belong to computer elite. Unlike other crypto a platform, MUE has managed to establish a simple and exciting platform hence its increase in popularity and number of users in the crypto market share.
2.25 mln
43.93 mln

Interesting Facts

  • Fast Transactions: the platform exceedingly super-fast, It’s the only place where urgent transaction or payment can be made globally along with receipts.

  • Good Customer Response Unit: As a result of the fast growth of crypto market it is becoming difficult to find reliable support based on blockchain services. Despite this MUE coin has especially dedicated team of professionals which is available online 24/7 to answers users questions or doubts regarding cryptocurrency.

  • Self-sustaining: Another interesting aspect of this crypto platform lies in cost-effective design. Thus about 10% of MUE generated is reserved for the sustainability of the project.

  • Long-Term Low Inflation Rate: According to annual research done by Dutch experts they indicate that MUE has the smallest inflation rate as compared to other digital currencies such as Bitcoin or ethereum.

Project in a nutshell

Monetary Units can be described as an experimental new digital currency which allows anonymous and instant payments to anyone and everywhere in the globe. This digital asset works without any complication. You cannot just imagine that the platform allows its users to freely send money to one another using a special feature called InstantSend. The payment on this network will occur instantaneously thus takes a few means to complete a transaction. This cryptoasset is a unique coin as it can be used in daily purchases of goods and services.

The MUE platform has various projects that design is such as ways that it enables its users to use the coin on daily basis. For instance, Interesting games are available and they come with good rewards such as ‘Go Shopping’ when MUE coins are spent on MUE crypto ecosystem. Also, heavy discounts are given to every user that buys goods or service using MUE coin. The platform is also diversified since it accepts other coins such as Ripple

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More in-depth review of the project

Monetary Unit is based on a peer-to-peer technology which operates without a central authority. Issuing of money and transaction management is carried out collectively through the network. The monetary Unit uses software called MonetaryUnit Core that enables its development and application of the digital currency.

Makes Use of Master Nodes: Hence, the company has managed to attain the smartest ever network which runs smoothly with high system performance.

The monetary Unit coin is minable. Despite this, mining does not its users to invest neither in expensive nor complex power-consuming mining computers. Also, the developers recently migrated the crypto to a Dash codebase, where the codebase combines both the X11 mining a well as the use of MasterNodes. Using X11 allows MUE coin to access a larger market cap for miners. It also improves security as well as increases the overall hash rate which is experienced every time a new mining technique is used.

Future plans

  • The future developmental is promising as well since, the cryptocurrency is planning to launch several fiat gateways into their system in order to make the process of purchasing the digital asset and simpler than even that of Bitcoin and ensuring the signal is sent to Trex before making a purchase. The MUE coin team is working on projects such as ‘webwallets, cashchat, coinbuy, and GS Points’ that will add users and ensure constant price growth

Image courtesy of Monetary Unit