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Nav coin is a cryptocurrency designed to be anonymous and straightforward to use. It operates with no central authority or banks, managing transactions and issuing of Nav coin are open-source. Its design is public, nobody owns or controls this digital asset, and therefore everyone can take part.
$ 7.6 mln
$ 251.72 mln

Interesting Facts

  • The Nav coin establishment was in 2014.

  • Its developers based its code on the Bitcoin code, including a few modifications.

  • It is an older class of cryptocurrencies that came before the current wave of ICOs.

  • Partnership: there are more than 30 languages that volunteer in a contribution of Medic Coin community

  • NavCoin transactions are faster than Bitcoin.

Project in a nutshell

For a long time, small businesses and even large worldwide organizations have struggled with unequal sharing of the income that they yield. The managers have always pocketed more financial gain than those working under them, amount of work not being considered. The Blockchain solves this issue by enabling a shared crypto economy. The Nav coin is an improved cryptocurrency which further eases these transactions and equalizing the sharing.

The Nav coin is programmable money that lowers the cost of doing business in the web3 economy. It is decentralized thus creating a culture of permission innovation. Though most cryptocurrencies are known to be complicated, Nav coin is different as it aims to make paying with crypto so easy that anyone can do it. Some of its top features include; Proof-on-stake, privacy, quick payments and anonymity.

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More in-depth review of the project

Network scalability. Testing shows the current capacity at 260+ transactions per second, alongside active research into layer two scaling crypto solutions.

Completely decentralized. Nav Tech allows Nav coins to operate in trusted clusters and form their private mesh network of progressing servers, giving the ability to anyone to set up and run his own Nav Tech servers and of course earn fees for that. This makes it a profitable investment.

Nav coins have upgraded to the bitcoin 0.13 source. That will give this cryptocurrency even more potential since it will be able to be implemented on a vast list of services, like Hardware wallets which will provide Nav coin holders with more safety and protection over their assets. Nav coin will be able to collaborate with the greatest credit-debit card issuers and give its community the ability to spend the Nav cryptoassets directly where ever they want.

Merchant gateway. Nav coin has been added to coin payments merchant gateway, which allows merchants to accept Nav coin to both physical stores and websites.

Anonymous Merchant integration. Nav coin anonymous network integration with Merchant Gateway will make anonymous purchasing of products possible. That means that safety will take over on all purchases since it will be impossible to trace the personal data of the buyer and steal his money.

Sustainably proof of stake. It runs on proof of stake (POS), which consumes a fraction of the energy of proof of work (PoW) network and allows people to earn passive income.

Future plans

  • As Craig MacGregor, Chief Engineer & Co-Founder of NavCoin, says in CryptoAdvocate interview there are some interesting projects ahead for NavCoin including Kauri (a multi-purpose wallet), Kauri DAEx (a Decentralized Atomic Exchange and an array of merchants tools with NavDelta just to name a few.

NavCoin - Image Courtesy of NavCoin
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