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Okcash refers to an open-source digital currency that allows instant transactions. Okcash is a decentralized platform that does not require an intermediary and will enable you to control your finances comfortably.
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Interesting Facts

  • Okcash is a decentralized cryptocurrency launched in November 2014.

  • Okcash is a hybrid cryptocurrency that evolved into a full Proof of Stake (PoS) system.

  • The outstanding feature of Okcash is its ability to transact instantly. Through this feature, cryptocurrency has been the choice of many people performing online cash transactions.

  • The security system of Okcash offers a two-factor form of validation and the system admin secret word feature that allows setting the recurrence at which transaction demands the watchword.

Project in a nutshell

Okcash is a suburbanized form of digital currency with a great and quick confirmation of transactions by making an instant business overview. The outstanding feature of the lending system of Okcash is that it is like a regular wallet. This digital asset enables you to transfer any value anywhere easily. On the side of security, Okcash cryptocurrency provides outstanding security. Users begin to earn passive income every day, on the few coins, by merely saving their Okcash pocket and treating it like a long-term investment.

Okcash is an open-source network. The design is public, and no single entity owns or controls Okcash. Hence, everyone can participate in it.

Okcash - Image Courtesy of OkCash

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More in-depth review of the project

Okcash is decentralized such that no central authority controls it. Both the transaction management and the issuing of money occur collectively through the network. Additionally, as an open source, everyone is welcome to participate and contribute to the cryptocurrency's code. The technology comprises a community of innovative developers determined to develop this digital currency. Okcash technology is made in a way that requires less energy when mining coins. Okcash has proven to be the best partner in hosting another website discreetly. Through this phenomenon, Okcash has increased the number of users seeking its services. All that is needed for Okcash users to log into discrete web hosting and make the payment with OK coins.

Future plans

  • Next steps in Okcash roadmap consists of developing health network with a nodes map, user-friendly mobile and web staking wallets, and Okcash wiki.

  • Okcash plans to integrate Ledger and TrustWallet.

  • OK network will propose a block reward halving and self-governance system.

OkCash - Image Courtesy of OkCash