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OKCash refers to an open-source digital currency that allows instant transactions. OKCash is a decentralized platform that does not require middlemen and allows you to comfortable control your finances.
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Interesting Facts

  • Easy to Use: You will occasionally find that the pocketbook is very simple to use. It is made to be very simple to everyone who is using it or intends to use it.

  • The support team of OKCash is very responsive, and they respond to most of the queries raised in the shortest time possible.

  • Fast in a transaction: The outstanding feature of OKCash is its ability to transact instantly. Through this feature, the OKCash has been the choice of many people performing online cash transaction.

  • It is very secure: The security system of OKCash offers a two-factor form of validation and the system admin secret word feature that allows setting the recurrence at which transaction demands the watchword.

  • As of February 2017, the OKCash had a 24-hour volume of $ 6687 and a market cap of about $ 696,443. Available supply at that period stood at 70,157,581 OKCash coins.

Project in a nutshell

It is one of the best and top rated cryptocurrencies today. The history of OKCash dates way back to 2014. It started as Pimpash, and it later materialized in February 2015, and it became Oktoshi. It has gained ground as well as the cryptocurrency. It is built in such a way that people can easily earn more coins by just keeping some of the currency in their purse.

OKCash is a suburbanized form of digital currency with a great and quick confirmation of transaction by making an instant business overview. The outstanding feature of the lending system of OKCash is that it is like a regular wallet. OKCash enables you to transfer any value anywhere easily. In the side of security, OKCash provides an outstanding feature of security. You will find clients begin to earn every day on the few coins by merely saving their OKCash pocket running.

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More in-depth review of the project

OKCash is decentralized such that no central authority controls it. Both the transaction management and the issuing of money occur collectively through the network. Additionally, as an open source, everyone is welcomed to participate in contributing to the OKCash code. The technology comprises a community of innovative developers who are determined to develop this digital currency. OKCash technology is made in a way that requires less energy when mining the coins. OKCash has proven to be the best partner in hosting another website discreetly. Through this phenomenon, the OKCash has increased their number of users seeking for their services. All that is needed of OKCash user is to log into discrete web hosting and make the payment with the OKCash.

Future plans

  • The OKCash users have all the reasons to smile as the technology’s developers have promised improvements to be implemented soon. There is a planned 4-year period having that is set to happen to make OKCash more predictable in the market, enhance the client's trust and also improve services offered by OKCash. The team is also developing ROKOS system that will enable the cryptocurrencies to run seamlessly on the IoT platforms. Also, OKCash is set to launch a zero-transaction fee system called the OK feel that will allow social payments at no cost.

OkCash - Image Courtesy of OkCash
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