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Particl is an open source, decentralized privacy platform build for global person to person and business to person eCommerce. The backbone of Particl network is a token named - PART.
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Interesting Facts

  • Particl is the first coin in history to deploy Blind Transaction technology, enabling mid-level of anonymity to transaction participant for relatively low cost.

  • Particl is offering as one of the first old staking pools. The feature that have been an item the community has been requesting for quite some time.

  • Particl Proof of Stake algorithm is so advanced that it offers Quantum-Resistance.

  • With Atomic Swap and third-party integrations users can use their favorite kind of cryptocurrency and it will be converted to PART a native Particl currency automatically.

Project in a nutshell

Particl is an open-source and decentralized privacy platform built on the blockchain specifically designed to work with any cryptocurrency. It allows decentralized applications (Dapps) of all sorts to be built within a secure, highly-scalable environment and be integrated directly into the cryptocurrency's official wallet.

PART is a coin with various degrees of privacy to accommodate all types of users and is required to use the coin platform’s marketplace and Dapps. As this cryptoasset is a native Segwit blockchain, all transactions use Segregated Witness (Segwit) by default making the platform very scalable and Lightning Network-ready.

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More in-depth review of the project

The most interesting feature of PART coin is offering a solution called Multi-State Privacy. The Particl coin can be sent as three different privacy states, each with their own degree of privacy and cost. As the highest privacy state requires the most transaction fee, it may not always be the best type of transaction depending on the situation, especially when privacy is not predominantly required by the user.

- Public - This type of transaction is pseudo-anonymous, just like Bitcoin. Public transactions are publicly auditable on any Particl block explorer and offer the least amount of privacy. They are the cheapest transactions to execute and is the default privacy setting.

- Blind - This type of transaction uses the Confidential Transaction (CT) privacy protocol developed by Bitcoin Core developer Gregory Maxwell to keep the transferring amounts visible only to the transaction participants (and those they designate), while still guaranteeing the transaction’s cryptographic integrity. This is a mid-level privacy option and is more expensive than public transactions, but cheaper than anon transactions. Mathematical and cryptographic details related to the CT privacy protocol are available on Maxwell’s original investigation into the protocol. Particl digital asset is the first coin in history to deploy this technology on a Bitcoin Core codebase as well as on top of Segwit.

- Anon - This type of transaction uses the RingCT privacy protocol developed by Shen Noether to hide both transferring amounts and participants’ blockchain identity by combining Cryptonote’s ring signatures and Maxwell’s CT protocols. It is the one of the highest levels of trustless privacy protocol the crypto industry has to offer and was made famous by Monero. It is also the most expensive privacy setting to use. Mathematical and cryptographic details related to the RingCT privacy protocol are available on Shen Noether’s RingCT whitepaper. This cryptocurrency is the first coin in history to deploy this technology on a Bitcoin Core codebase as well as on top of Segwit.

Future plans

  • Particl developers have a plenty of new upgrades and features planned for us, they want to make privacy transaction scalable, introduce market listing governance or enable users to use multiwallets. But the biggest planned feature so far is introduction of Lightning Network which by using smart-contract functionality will enable instant, near-zero fee payments across a network of participants. It also enables truly decentralized and efficient atomic swaps to take place as well as help the blockchain support thousands of transactions per second.

Particl - Image Courtesy of DeviantCoin
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