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The Phore blockchain is a decentralized ecosystem that utilizes the distributed ledger technology that enables the transfer of digital assets across an accessible, standardized system that is secure, flexible, and scalable. Moreover, the team behind the Phore project is also dedicated to bridging the gap between the blockchain technology and the real world by introducing the PHORE marketplace. Apart from being an ultimate blockchain platform, Phore blockchain technologies also provide full-scale blockchain solutions and services from small size businesses to large organizations.
2.8 mln
62.5 mln

Interesting Facts

  • You can buy and sell almost everything on Phore decentralized marketplace that includes media, rentals, handmade goods, fashion accessories, local food and beverage and much more. It is the synonym of decentralized Amazon.

  • Phore has earned the place in heart of the number of crypto enthusiasts and crypto YouTubers such as Cliff on Crypto.

  • The Phore blockchain project is completely self-funded and sustainable. There wasn’t ICO or pre-mine of any coins.

  • The cryptocurrency was mentioned as one of the top five crypto projects in 2018 by Karl Kangur from Huffington Post

Project in a nutshell

The Phore blockchain project is owned and driven by the optimistic Phore community that leverages the DLT to create blockchain framework or ecosystem that enables the free/cost effective transactions, global decentralized e-commerce platform, and to promote a community-based digital asset.

Unlike other platforms, theis cryptoasset's blockchain supports the number of applications and ventures while bringing the most out of the decentralized applications or dAPPS, smart contracts, and other integrations.

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More in-depth review of the project

The Phore blockchain is completely based on proof of stake or POS consensus mechanism that offers lightning-fast transaction speed, greater efficiency with less power consumption, secure and transparent transfer and generation of passive income.

The POS when compared with traditional proof of work or POW consensus, is more environment-friendly and efficient and stands true the definition of secure decentralized crypto network. Since it is a community driven project, it offers rewards for network participation to holders of PHR – native cryptocurrency of Phore blockchain which will be discussed later, through a system of decentralized masternodes and staking.

Striking features of the project include:

SegWit integration: revolutionary integration that offers an additional security layer, faster TPS, micropayment capability for daily life, and payment solution of merchants. It also enables the base for cross-chain atomic swaps and the possibility of implementing new generation lighting network.

Decentralized crowdfunding: One of the mind-boggling features of the Phore blockchain is decentralized crowdfunding. The platform allows small business, start-ups, artists, entrepreneurs, and others to raise the fund for their ideas and the real-life solution they offer. This feature is currently in the testing phase but will be executed by the end of this year.

Dapps: Dapps are the modules of decentralized specific solutions to business problems, which are being deployed in the cryptocurrency's platform. Custom Dapps can be built and deployed according to customer-specific needs, bringing higher modularity and specialization to the services.

Phore Coin or PHT – native currency of Phore network - Phore or PHR is the native currency of the Phore blockchain network which enables convenient and faster transaction on the Phore platform and Phore marketplace. The PHR currency will be used across the network to conduct all sort of transactions. If you want to acquire PHR token you need to go on some of the popular crypto exchanges and buy from them. The PHR tokens are available on the following platform; IDAX, BiteBTC, Cryptopia, CREX24, Crypto bridge, Coin switch, and NANEX.

Phore Marketplace - real-world use of PHR - Phore marketplace is decentralized e-commerce platform that allows you to buy goods, services and much more across the globe. PHR is the only currency that will be used across the platform to buy and sell the products on the network. The Marketplace gives PHR real-world use as a platform to buy and sell goods and services. It is a free, decentralized application (dApp) enabling e-commerce. Everyone can buy and sell on the platform without paying any listing fees or commission to the platform. The phore market is aiming to become Amazon or eBay of the decentralized network.

Phore Wallet - The current list of products offered by the network of this digital asset includes a Phore wallet and other B2B Blockchain Services for companies interested in leveraging DLT technology in order to stay efficient and competitive. The dedicated team of this crypto project is continuously developing and upgrading the wallet with Phore codes ensuring the safety and secure storage facility. Highly interactive, tangible and user-friendly UI is also getting update time to time involving the bug fixes and other issues.

Future plans

  • Full release of Phore Marketplace - includes several new features in comparison to current beta

  • Multiple cryptocurrency support on Phore Marketplace - supported for buying and selling physical and digital goods

  • Marketplace for Cryptocurrency Trading - decentralized, peer-to-peer crypto solution

  • Mobile App & Web Interface - to cover additional channels of communication

Phore - Image Courtesy of Phore