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Radium coin is a decentralized blockchain based utility provider. The digital asset's developers aim is to build trust and security that the internet lacks with the use of modified Proof-Of-Stake (PoS) utility token they want to to deliver services that enhance security, productivity, and organizational transparency.
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Interesting Facts

  • Radium is a utility-heavy platform that focus on evaluating & managing crypto-related initiatives.

  • This cryptocurrencym had no ICO. No Premine. No Presale. This platform was build for the community, by the community.

  • Radium's primary focus is to provide identity managment and easy access to digital signatures.

  • Radium coin offers advanced Voting System that bypasses common shortcomings of traditional voting systems like double voting and fraud.

Project in a nutshell

Radium is a decentralized blockchain service provider, users have access to a suite of decentralized services to assist them with keeping the trust and security over the internet. It become clear that it's difficult to differentiate content, spam, and bots from real people. The digital asset provides a platform where users can use cryptographic proofs to positively identify themselves while interacting online.

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More in-depth review of the project

The main list of blockchain-secured functions available to Radium investors which include

Digital Identity Management - users can manage their own online presence in a way that provides a historical record of their activities secured in the blockchain in order to establish a pattern of trusted behavior. After creating an identity, a user can use that identity with all other Radium functions, including file signing and voting.

Access to file signatures - enable verification, ownership, and integrity checking of most internet content, including programs, pictures, downloads, journalistic works, research data and more. Authors and artists can sign a digital version of their work, enabling them to prove at a later date that they were the original creators.

Voting over blockchain - with the help of Blockchain technology and asymmetric key pair identity management, Radium voting provides a transparent, integrated, and easily validated voting platform. Radium Voting system is an answer to common shortcomings of traditional voting systems including recounts, challenges and double voting. All election data and votes are recorded on-chain, allowing for near-time observation, counting, and verification by any third party.

Future plans

  • Radium developers plan and ideas for the future: direct integration with Real Estate Industry, Quantum Resistance, local government election systems integration and much more.

Radium - Image Courtesy of Radium
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