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Rapids goal is to connect social networking and blockchain technology through the utilization of Rapids coin. Rapids cryptocurrency will enable users to send money across all Social Media platforms and directly exchange cryptocurrency to fiat currency.
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6.38 mln

Interesting Facts

  • Whole project is about sharing of Rapids through web browser and social nedia-enabled widgets.

  • Rapids development team has been assembled from experienced cryptocurrency veterans, who gathered knowledge by working on other projects

  • The final goal of the Rapids coin is to issue Visa Debit cards to holders of this cryptoasset to enable them to use their Rapids anywhere that accepts Visa.

  • The merging of Social Media Networks and blockchain technology will forge the cornerstone technology of Rapids coin and allow users to transact effortlessly

Project in a nutshell

Social Media Networks have become the new medium of personal expression and overall communication. Cryptocurrency and blockchain technology have also enriched our lives by changing the way we transact through online channels. Combining the technologies of social media along with blockchain technology, Rapids set goal to make online transactions even more accessible and investing easier and more affordable. With Rapids embedded into social media platforms, users will be able to send and receive payments directly to friends, family, companies, and anyone in between.

Rapids coin takes cryptocurrency by fusing financial and social network aspects together. It'll offer an easy-to-use system implemented throughout the online environments the world uses daily. Social networking sites are commonplace, and cryptocurrencies are gaining recognition throughout more traditional financial markets.

Which exchanges is this coin listed on?


More in-depth review of the project

Currently, Rapids tokens are hosted on the Ethereum Blockchain as ERC20 Tokens. The Ethereum Blockchain allows for decentralized data storage surrounding every transaction performed with Rapids tokens. This assures the method of recording transactions is trustless, efficient, and invariable.

Rapids is a token in the initial stages of development. In the future, it will be swapped to a stable, proprietary blockchain based on the Nist5 algorithm which is evolution of SHA-3 hashing algorithm with higher security and performance

Future plans

  • Once the Rapids platform has launched the Wallet App and has been integrated within at least two cryptocurrency exchanges, the Rapids coin Team will hold a token swap into the host Rapids blockchain built upon the Nist5 algorithm. Next step will be pushing further adoption. Enable Wallet & Mobile app to swap Rapids coin into fiat currency and develop rewards and benefits for users of this cryptoasset.

Rapids - Image Courtesy of Rapids
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