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Rupaya is an up and coming blockchain-based platform that aims to solve the issues around payments and currency handling that are generally faced by people of developing South Asian countries. This crypto-based solution aims to face challenges like poor electricity and internet connectivity along with an easy-to-use and functional mobile wallet.
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Interesting Facts

  • Rupaya has a native currency exchange, making the digital currency available to local users and merchants.

  • This digital asset has been named the Top Tier Masternode Coin and Omni Analytics Group has ranked the token in the list for the best masternode coins.

  • It is available to trade on 4 popular cryptocurrency exchanges CryptoBridge, Graviex, Stex & qtrade

  • The cryptoasset can be exchanged for most of the fiat currencies of the South Asian region, and with the widely popular Euro and USD too.

  • The company holds many contests on its social media handles and gives away rewards for its loyal customers and investors, which makes it a great passive income generator.

Project in a nutshell

The South Asian region is infamous for developing countries with insufficient access to quality basic amenities like electricity, internet and network and most importantly, a trustworthy and efficient payments system. Multiple limitations such as high currency exchange rates and transfer fees are experienced by the merchants and the general crowd of such areas that lead to unsatisfactory payment experiences.

To provide solutions towards these exact problem statements, Rupaya was introduced. It’s a blockchain based platform where users can trade, exchange and maintain their RUPX token. Payments with this cryptocurrency are faster, more efficient and more focused towards the South Asian demographic for a more personalised experience.

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More in-depth review of the project

Cryptocurrencies have evolved from just a media of barter to now a solution for an array of issues faced around the world by various entities. One such issue that prevails in the South Asian countries are payments and currency trading. Online and electronic transactions are unreliable due to various faults that lie within the developing countries’ situation. Regular electricity is rare, and there’s an obvious lack of technological advancements in such areas. The currency transfer rates at the locally available outlets are exorbitant, and only discourage any online transaction. Internet access is also scarce and mostly fickle. These issues stack up to result in a flawed online payments environment in these areas.

The cryptoasset implements its solutions to these issues, on its wallet and cryptocurrency platforms. Ruapaya is known to be the first cryptocurrency specifically made for South Asia. As a cryptocurrency truly made for the region, most of the fiat currencies in the region can be exchanged for Rupaya coin. To ensure that hyperinflation won’t pose to be a problem, the coin supply is capped at 78 million units.

With Masternode Proof-of-Stake (PoS) architecture for a rewarding and quick experience, and features like Zerocoin to ensure privacy, SwiftTX for instant transactions and the blockchain skeleton, South Asian users are assured a great solution to their problems.

Future plans

  • The Rupaya coin team is dedicated to bring this phenomenal product out with the best execution. They have already set certain goals to be achieved along this road of product development.

  • Further along, there’s definite growth and development of the payment gateway and implement point of sale solutions for e-commerce and brick and mortar businesses.

  • If you wish to stay up to date with the digital asset's latest developments sign up to their newsletter & a great weekly summary at Medium.

Latest update: 25th December 2018
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