SafeInsure - Image Courtesy of SafeInsureSafeInsure (SINS)

Safeinsure is a decentralized insurance marketplace bringing global access to insurance policy shoppers worldwide. The cryptocurrency's mission is to put consumer power back in your hands with an honest, accountable, and easy accessible insurance marketplace powered by blockchain technology.
1.48 mln
16.23 mln

Interesting Facts

  • SafeInsure - harnesses blockchain technology to create new digital accountability network for insurance buyers and sellers, because:

  • 93% amount of Americans who don't trust insurance companies.

  • 90% of insurance companies don't believe blockchain is important

  • 10% the amount of fraudulent insurance claims, resulting in $80 billion losses/year

Project in a nutshell

The objective of SafeInsure coin project is to provide an access point between policymakers and consumers with options tailored espacially to meet specific client needs. With SafeInsure, users will have instantaneous and nearly feeless crypto experience - what is more - no controlling intermediaries will be included in this process. Using the SafeInsure Marketplace, customers will will have access to custom insurance options suited for themselves. Isurance offers will be specially tailored for their needs by this cryptoasset, without having to pay for features and options they don’t truly need.

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More in-depth review of the project

Imagine the following scenerio: Company X has a claim against Company Y. Company Y’s insurance agents process the payment and sends along a check to Company X’s insurance company, and much later, Company X receives reparation. In between, there is a mountain of bureaucracy, routing, time, and ultimately, friction. Using SafeInsure, Company Y pays Company X’s claim directly via a digital blockchain transaction that happens instantly, is immutably recorded by the SafeInsure coin's blockchain, and is publicly auditable so that all parties involved are satisfied with the honesty of the entire procedure. No papers, no complicated trails of employees in offices spread around the globe, and no centralized agency to deal with. Instead, everything happens instantaneously and in an unquestionably trustful manner.

Future plans

  • The SafeInsure platform future plans include: SafeInsure system design and UI update, launching major PR and marketing campaign, introducing SINS/USD trading pairs, ongoing business development and more.

SafeInsure - Image Courtesy of SafeInsure
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