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Shard was designed to be a secure, decentralised, open source Proof of Stake cryptocurrency, with fast low-cost transactions, future-ready scalability and superior network stability. At the same time Shard is extremely user friendly. What is more Shard gives holders the benefit of being both a cryptocurrency and utility coin. Allowing holders to use Shard ecosystem directly or enjoy its enhanced utility in multiple partnered projects such as Shardax
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Interesting Facts

  • Shard staking does not require coins to be locked up in any way, due to unique Automated Stack Targeting Feature.

  • Shard block time is 120 seconds, which enables transactions to be confirmed 5 times faster than Bitcoin.

  • The cryptocurrency developed one of the most advanced and feature-rich cryptocurrency wallet with UI, graph, and m.

  • This digital asset features Automated Stack Targeting a new unique feature developed to automate splitting and combining of staked stacks.

Project in a nutshell

Shard's aim is to create a secure and desirable cryptocurrency, ideal for a broad range of everyday uses. To achieve this Shard coin has low fees, high scalability, decentralised security, strong community support, good liquidity and diminished volatility. Shard coin is different than other cryptocurrencies, because it relieson its main-net blockchain, versus non-blockchain based currencies or those that rely on other blockchains like Ethereum’s. As a result, Shard is substantially faster in transaction speed while supporting higher volumes. The architecture uses proof of stake (PoS) which is more energy efficient as opposed to PoW mining used in coins such as Bitcoin. With staking more Shard can be used not only as a cryptocurrency, but also as a utility coin in multiple Shardax projects and as an investment and a tool for generating passive income. Such as a Digital Asset Exchange & Staking Platform, Universal Infinity Wallet and Quantum Project.

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More in-depth review of the project

This cryptoasset has its own main-net blockchain that is based primarily on proof-of-stake consensus and unlike many other chains Shard coin is pure PoS with no masternodes. As Shard developers believe that pure PoS coin can achieve everything that PoS+Masternode coin. Another interesting facet is that Shard has use not only as a cryptocurrency, but as a utility coin within Shardax projects. Both Shardax with their 20% profits for liquidity, buying and burning Shard and the Shard Community Reserve assist with market liquidity and coin burns. Fewer Shard in supply will allow continued staking of new coins, promoting higher staking participation, a core fundamental to maintaining the blockchain.

Future plans

  • Shard developers plan and ideas for the future: extend the use of this digital asset and its adoption, seek more exchange listings, researching scalability, privacy and PoS vs. masternode solutions, blockchain enhancements and much more.

Shard - Image Courtesy of Shard
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