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Stakenet boasts its hardware, a router that is capable and ready to tap into the Lightning Network. Although still in its conceptualization phase, the Lightning Network easily solves the scalability limitations of digital money by creating another platform of exchange outside the main blockchain, by-passing cryptocurrency exchanges.Its native coin XSN is used as a decentralized digital money used in e-commerce for exchange with products, services, or storing.
4.9 mln
42.7 mln

Interesting Facts

  • XSN is linked in Bitcoin’s Lightning Network which allows XSN holders to use Stakenet’s native coin to transact with merchants in the network even if it only accepts Bitcoin.

  • It uses a Trustless Proof of Stake system giving the use of XSN a high level of security by using a trustless decentralized cold staking.

  • Transactions done in the Lightning Network and hugely scalable while transactions using XSN are almost free of charge.

  • Through the Lightning Network, Stakenet native coin holders are able to do Lightning swaps of assets between blockchains anonymously.

Project in a nutshell

Stakenet capitalizes its capability and access to the Lightning Network, giving its native coin XSN unlimited possibilities to participate in the global digital money exchange. XSN stakers are also able to stake their coins and receive rewards in other coins.

Stakenet’s network is composed of Masternodes that have access to the Lightning Network.

It is a global blockchain running decentralized applications, capable of upgrades as technological innovations develop. One can participate and earn by securing the network through Staking nodes, or providing services with Masternodes.

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More in-depth review of the project

Stakenet is the first blockchain whose Masternodes are Lightning Network ready, giving XSN instant, almost free transaction fees, and unlimited transactions per second. This feature makes the coin more valuable than most currencies whose use-case is only limited to speed and scalability.

Stakenet takes pride in its security, claiming to be one of the most secure PoS blockchains. For a possibility of launching an attack to the system, one has to own more than half of the native coin XSN.

Stakenet also has an open governance and decentralized self-funding mechanism giving masternode holders to vote on development proposals without worry on funding since funds will be sourced from the network’s treasury.

Future plans

  • Full integration and operation of the Lightning Network gives Stakenet a bright future in the digital currency space while making it a valuable currency because of its readiness to integrate with the platform.

  • As the system is capable of constant upgrading, the dedicated Stakenet is able to immediately adapt with technological innovations.

  • Projects under development include XSN Decentralized Exchange (DEX). Cross Chain Proof of Stake, Multi-currency wallet, XSN Hardware Device, XSN DApps, and XSN Cloud Services.

Stakenet - Image Courtesy of Stakenet