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Stealth plans to be the fastest cryptographically private digital currency possible. The goal is to provide almost instant transactions with absolute privacy protection using state of the art cryptography combined with seamless blockchain execution. The technology Stealth developers are creating is called Quantum Proof-of-Stake (qPoS).
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Interesting Facts

  • Stealth has been created by the development company Stealth R&D LLC.

  • The cryptoasset's headquartered is in Delaware also Stealth coin maintains offices in the U.S., Switzerland and Costa Rica

  • This digital currency aims to become the leading privacy-focused cryptocurrency, with ultra-fast transaction transfer times.

  • This cryptocurrency offers variety of privacy option including integrated TOR network and stealth addresses.

Project in a nutshell

Stealth is dedicated to keep user's coins private by using advanced cryptographic protection features for your information. Stealth coin developers are continuuesly working to remain the most advanced private currency on the internet. Stealth coin's code and deployment has been audited and the lead developer has been Proof-of-Developer verified by trusted third-parties including CryptoAsian, CryptoCertify, and Dan Metcalf.

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More in-depth review of the project

Stealth provides an end-to-end privacy solution by utilizing a mix of features including stealth adresses and build-in TOR network. Stealths is using Quantum Proof-of-Stake (qPoS) algorithm and is aiming to created a new standard in the blockchain industry. This new qPoS algorithm stimulates economic to drive performance. The cryptocurrency's block time is only 5 seconds, qPoS aims to offer a ultra-fast, private, and scalable blockchain. Using XST, (Stealth’s native cryptocurrency), transaction validators purchase their rights to process transactions and collect rewards for helping the network. These rights are tokenized as transferrable, non-fungible assets called “StealthNodes”, each of which is given slots in a schedule of block validation, this system is making Stealth efficient.

Future plans

  • The Stealth coin's platform has the potential to be one of the better privacy coins. Its primary goal is to settle near-instant and private transactions while employing a sustainable development and added value proposition both crypto and real-world use. In the future developers are planning to redesign brand, release website, and introduce SteathSend applications - mobile + desktop + online wallets.

Stealth - Image Courtesy of Stealth
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