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Stratis is simply a kind of blockchain as-a-service provider (Baas) crypto platform. It is built on an Ethereum-based type of blockchain that utilizes a C# as a programming language. The feature enables a business enterprise to develop their private blockchain.
31.8 mln
1849.89 mln

Interesting Facts

  • Stratis coin among the few currencies that have been adopted and implemented by various recognized cryptocurrency wallets such as Poloniex, Jaxx and Ledger hardware wallets.

  • The digital asset witnessed a 49000% increase in 10 months in 2016.

  • In the year June to July 2016 the Stratis ICO earned almost 1000 BTC and came out as the one of the best or the most successful in the history.

Project in a nutshell

The Stratis coin was initiated with the aim of assisting the enterprises and logistic services that have got blockchain as one of the service models. The platform in the recent past has broadened and become a great blockchain development network. With the increasing demand for blockchain technology, most of the organization longing for the transition of their hybrid systems adopt blockchain solutions. The advantage that the Stratis coin have over other cryptocurrencies is due to the lowest transaction costs.

Additionally, the project functionality is made fast and reliable because its speed is accelerated by C# development teams when the project is reassigned. It is also able to pick up the pace so faster than starting to learn a new form of language from scratch. To widen its services and improve on their effectiveness and efficiency, it has partnered with Earth Twine.

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More in-depth review of the project

The features which are depicted in Stratis blockchain cryptocurrency is to help simplify the testing, development and moreover assist in utilizing various applications for various enterprises that are longing to enjoy the service of the blockchain. This cryptoasset is an outstanding proof of stake in the blockchain market. It limits multiple miners to a determined proportion. It is interesting that mining pools and miners are controlling 51 percent of the network. In case you are the owner of the coins, it is evident that you have a more significant stake in survival.

The service helps most of the enterprises to simulate most of their business with any attribute they need. The service makes the development very simple and more so help them to fastened the projects.

Through side-chains, you can use the native kind of currency on most of the network systems usually inferred to be STRAX. The programmatic features of this type of side-chain are on the Stratis core code that enables communication between the two.

. In technical term, it is close to the Bitcoin core that is developed using the C# and the MS. It is easier to maintain as opposed to the old Bitcoin Core source code that was made with C ++

Future plans

  • The future of this digital asset is very bright. The brighter future is achieved by using the Breeze Wallet Update which can update most of the programmatic features of Stratis coin. Also, Stratis will utilize the use of BreezeApi whose main task is to track address balances, retrieve address history and moreover, broadcast transaction. The developers of this cryptocurrency are also planning to release a proof-of-concept application that will facilitate provenance and identity management.

Stratis - Image Courtesy of Stratis