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Syscoin is a decentralized cryptocurrency based on the Blockchain technology and application of peer-to-peer network in conducting transactions and paying for goods and services. Following the explosion of Blockchain, the cryptocurrency is also a decentralized database, global network, and a tradable token.
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Interesting Facts

  • It was founded by Sebastian Schepis in 2014 and had its main headquarters in Toronto, Canada.

  • It has low trading costs. Syscoin offers almost zero-cost financial transactions.

  • This cryptoasset's mining is based on a proof-of-work algorithm and supports merge mining

  • The digital asset has the SYS ticker in the listings of digital currency exchanges.

Project in a nutshell

Syscoin is one of the many crypto products developed in the last five years. It was first developed in 2014 as a Bitcoin fork by Sebastian Schepis. Schepis was the core developer of the Syscoin project. The SYS digital asset was established in August 2016 as the flagship of Blockchain. The SYS coin can be used directly as a means of payment for goods and services. The crypto project aims to put money straight back into consumers’ hands, as well as to remove fees currently charged by big corporations like Amazon and eBay.

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More in-depth review of the project

Every Blockchain project has to stand out from the others in one way or another to face the competitive market and win investors. With the security and strength of Bitcoin, Syscoin has powerful core features that attract investors by building secure, fast and low-cost applications smoothly. For instance:

Encrypted Messages; Aliases and SYS addresses have made it easier for users to send and receive encrypted messages on Syscoin network which are then privately stored in a secured inbox.

Aliases; these are cryptographically secured identities that are linked to the users' wallet address. Transactions can be conducted with Aliases without having to remember long addresses for a wallet.

Decentralized (Bock) Marketplace; syscoin crypto wallet performs many functions including being a block market marketplace, where users can trade their products and still get guaranteed a 100% uptime. Users trade, send and receive money at a faster rate.

Digital Certificates; users are allowed to store and transfer documents in encrypted certificates.

Future plans

  • While it is almost impossible to exactly predict what the future might hold for digital currencies and Blockchain technology, Syscoin has the potential to grow and adapt to whatever variations in the market. It was ranked top 100 on the global cryptocurrency market as of July 2018. As per 2019, there are already over 536,000,000 SYS in the market circulation. The digital asset promises a remarkable growth in value over the coming years.

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