Credit is a cryptocurrency based on decentralized digital assets as a payment platform for unbanked populations. It is an African-based system that uses a decentralized proof of stake system for an easy mining and reward system while providing users with a passive income.
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Interesting Facts

  • It is a cryptocurrency that functions with its own blockchain.

  • The company is ranked as the 897th list of cryptocurrencies.

  • Credit has its own social network called Terra Hub that gives users Credit coins as a reward. This social media project now has 250,000 users.

  • Credit as an online payment platform was designed to be simple so that basic computers and smartphones can operate the application.

Project in a nutshell

Following a decentralized proof of stake cryptocurrency system, CREDIT aims to make its users become block producers while making it available and accessible for all.

They have a different approach as to other cryptocurrencies, the company intends to have a wide reach of users that is why they made sure that even basic technology can support the system.

Terra placed it’s ideals on CREDIT to become one of the leading cryptocurrencies in the economy with much functionality, influence, and adaptability to user’s needs.

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More in-depth review of the project

The use of their proof of stake system is to develop incentives for block users without hindering the use of modern tools. This will allow users to have better security, energy-efficient, low transaction fees, low production cost, and faster transactions.

The systems applied to this platform creates smart technology, fast and free transaction, and 100% inclusive simple use of the Credit wallet.

Future plans

  • Launched a web-based platform that takes in TerraceX and Tellus-Pay system for users. This allows expansion to users and an easy payment system.

  • Development and introduction of the TerraCredit website and Terabit - Lite in Google PlayStore, enhancing user’s flexibility in using the application wallet.

  • Credit Hardfork was launched introducing a new coin/daemon to switch names from Credit to TerraCredit, however maintaining the symbol CREDIT.

  • Proposed to transform the TerraCredit system to Decentralized Autonomous Organisation that is expected to produce 1 billion coins in the following 100 years.