It's been a very though, turbulent & long year for many. Covid-19 not only took a toll in a form of thousands of lives, but millions of people were affected by the economic conditions; jobless, emotionally wrecked & hesitant about making important future plans. As uncertainty ahead was the major concern for many investors, those who hodl their funds were rewarded with Bitcoin reaching all-time-highs. As this time of the year is usually a moment to retrospect over the past 12 months, we, at MyCointainer wanted to share some key milestones that happened in 2020, in our short 2 year history.

Retrospective of 2020

Highlights of what's been done in MyCointainer Ecosystem:

Key events:

  1. ✅ Developed exchange
  2. ✅ Launched & registered Chinese trademark
  3. ✅ Launched POWER subscription
  4. ✅ Collaboration with many partners networks (, NEM, QTUM, Waves, Cartesi and many others)
  5. ✅ Increase in supported assets from 37 to 113
  6. ✅ Renewal of Crypto/Fiat License
  7. ✅ Launched improved Customer Support.
  8. ✅ Infrastructure of MyCointainer 2.0 initiated (to continue in 2021)
  9. ✅ Redesign of web application and mobile apps initiated (to continue in 2021)
  10. ✅ Strategy & Concepts ready for 4 B2B tools (to be deployed in 2021) to  benefit our Individual users


  1. ✅ Assets under management 11.64 MLN $
  2. ✅ 53K registered users
  3. ✅ Social Media Coverage - 174K community members
  4. ✅ 20 team members
  5. ✅ Alexa Rank: 93K

Focus in 2021

In broad terms (should you wish to know more there's a link at the bottom to ask your more specific question):

  1. ⬜ Continue to improve quality of the platform; remove issues, bugs, platform stability, automation of processes, faster & more accurate responses to customers' issues. Main focus in this area is to move to new infrastructure to avoid missing transactions & improve scaling capabilities
  2. ⬜ Continue to create more cold nodes / validators with Partners
  3. ⬜ New Business Partnerships to bring more value to our Community members
  4. ⬜ Integrate more payment gateways to process transactions easier
  5. ⬜ Increase Platform registered users to 150K
  6. ⬜ Coverage of all valuable staking and masternode coins in the cryptoshphere
  7. ⬜ Assets under management to reach 50 MLN $
  8. ⬜ Launch redesigned MyCointainer 2.0
  9. ⬜ Launch 4 B2B tools to benefit both Partners & Individuals
  10. ⬜ Enable various services via API for the Community
  11. ⬜ Scale further POWER subscription with extra benefits
  12. ⬜ Prepare MyCointainer Token strategy and its concept (late 2021)

Personal note

I'm extremely grateful to everyone that helped us on this journey to grow and improve our business; partners, users (with both negative & positive feedback), POWER subscribers, community, active stakers and every individual that added input to our platform improvements.

I hope to see you joining us on mission to create the most fantastic crypto solutions that change the world for the better tomorrow.

Should you have some specific queries that you wish to be know more about please use this form.

Hodl safe. Wishing you an amazing 2021.

Thank you


Will appear mid January 2021, once we collect all community questions. An update on social media will be created.

Bartosz Pozniak, CEO of MyCointainer

Over +15 years experience in shaping digital products across the globe & among many various industries and clients.

Bartosz spent his early professional days in creative & marketing agencies, then moved to the clients side - mostly banking and financial institutions in London, United Kingdom.

Hands on experience in helping out building successful products for array of  companies, from start-ups to 25+ BLN  USD valued corporations.

Contact: [email protected]

Partners: [email protected]

Investors: [email protected]

Note: As always please do your own research and make your decision wisely.