"Passive income" are the two magic words that can set you on a path to financial independence and success. Thinking of one or multiple ways to complement your earnings is usually the first step that liberates you from equating your time directly to how much you're earning.

Time is indeed precious, and passive income, however small, is the first income that starts to work for you and sets the stage for growing real wealth.

Cryptocurrency staking is an exemplary way to earn a passive income. All you need is to buy and hold one or several cryptocurrencies and earn a reward or interest from it.

Staking with cryptocurrencies is a very flexible and lucrative venture that is open for anybody. It doesn't matter whether all you have is $5; some services will get you set up for the minimum investment you can afford.

MyCointainer is one of a kind cryptocurrency staking platform. It removes so many barriers for cryptocurrency, staking that all you need is to sign up, stake, and start earning.

This guide is an exciting disclosure of why you need not look any further because MyCointainer is a platform that can reward you in ten ways for being a staking member.

1.   Staking Rewards and Compound Interest

MyContainer offers you a range of 49 assets to choose from and takes care of every technical detail of the staking process, for a staking fee of 3.04%. The staking and reward process is 100% automatic, and rewards reflect on your dashboard.

The reward price is counted when it's received, meaning that the reward reflects the current market price of the coin in EUR. If the price of the coin rises, so do the rewards.

Your reward is also subject to compound interest. Generally, in staking, the longer you hold a coin in a staking position, the higher your chances of earning more rewards.

2.   Get Daily Bonuses

MyCointainer offers a daily cryptocurrency bonus on a first-come, first-served basis whenever you use the MyCointainer Exchange to buy or exchange coins for staking. You can deposit different fiat currencies like USD, EUR, and GBP.

The bonuses are awarded in 1000 Rapids or 500 Electra coins, to promote both MyContainer exchange services partners and its members. You can choose to withdraw your bonuses or stake them with MyCointainer and earn more rewards.

3.      MyCointainer Power Subscription Plan

This is the motherload of super benefits that will make you glad you signed up for MyCointainer. If you'd like to earn 100% of your stake without having to pay a 3.04% staking fee to MyContainer, you can subscribe to either the Power PLUS ($3.90) or Power MAX ($8.90) plans.

These are the benefits you get:

  • Shared masternode access to all masternode coins, which means easy access to premium masternodes, zero staking fees, and zero cost of running masternodes
  • Power Plus gives you 1% power to participate in MyCointainer community initiatives, which earn you more rewards, while Power MAX gives you 7% access.- community initiatives include causes like helping with adoption, developer community funds
  • Earn giveaways and offers like electronics.-MyContainer offers monthly giveaways worth $200 and more Power MAX, members
  • More earnings from rewards match promises and superb rewards from MyContainer's partners.-superb rewards are automatic monthly distributions of coins from various partners.

4.      Community Incentives for Super Members

MyContainer uses Super membership status to enable members to get involved in decentralized and transparent governance of the platform. As a super member become eligible to:

  • Stake your coins to vote for new coin listings on MyCointainer
  • Earn 500 EUR by noticing, and reporting bugs typing errors and other issues
  • Earn more by suggesting what new ventures or partnerships that MyCointainer should consider
  • Earn a monthly salary by applying to become a MyCointainer Ambassador
  • Stand a chance to win various gift cards and electronic gadgets

5.      Airdrops

These are free coin distributions that you can earn for completing a few tasks which mostly involve promotional work for a cryptocurrency project. The coins come from individual external sites and are automatically distributed to your wallet by a bot.

All airdrops are not the same as companies that use them to promote their projects, which have different market values. Sometimes it is a chance to start staking early, and sometimes it is a chance to earn some free money. You can withdrawal your airdrops, trade them, or use them to stake on MyCointainer.

6.      Refer a Friend and Earn a Commission

You can invite a friend to MyCointainer and get 20% of MyContainer's rewards from registered and staking friends.

Additionally, you can earn a recurring profit by inviting others to participate in MyContainer's stake-all hosting and get 10% of the net price from MyCointainer.

Final Thought

To summarize MyCointainer, you can see how easy it is to earn a passive income, with crypto staking and more that is built around the same concept. Many people barely explore cryptocurrency opportunities beyond trading, and they miss out on a lot of other ways to earn a passive income.

Cryptocurrency staking is lucrative, and MyCointainer currently offers one of the safest and most lucrative approaches to earn with crypto. If you sign up and benefit from these services, you can refer more friends because there's a reward for you and because sharing is caring.