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Recording steady growth in our ecosystem and new partnerships in sight, MyCointainer is finishing April on a strong note.

April proved to be a fruitful month with plenty of updates to our ecosystem. Since DeFi continued to proliferate, many more institutions leaped crypto, onboarding tons of new users.

MyCointainer’s monthly newsletter provides you with news and updates from our portfolio projects, our staking community and the overall blockchain space. We hope that our newsletter will help you stay in full sync with the projects you stake on and be up-to-date with regards to what is going on in the staking community, as well as the overall blockchain space without having to engage in hours of research.

Enough with lyrics, now let’s move to the chorus - it’s time for a recap 😊

In the spotlight:

Satoshi AMA session recap

In April, we hosted our first AMA session together with Satoshi Club. During the session, the CEO of MyCointainer and our Head of Sales were talking about the MyCointainer Platform and MyCointainer B2B solutions that could benefit crypto enthusiasts. They went through the questions posted by our users and answered them during the chat session (you can find the recap here, in case you’ve missed out).

Upcoming Twitter Spaces AMA

Since our previous AMA caused a real community excitement, we decided to host a LIVE Twitter Spaces #AMA on Wednesday, May 4th, at 12 PM CET and we encourage the members of our community to post their questions for the event in the comments under the post in the blog and in the Twitter comments section.

You can ask about the project, and its plans, and find out the forecasts for the development of the staking market, and the crypto world overall.

Prepare all the questions that interest you, and see you on the 30th of May at the upcoming event!

Mobile app version 2.1

A new version of the mobile app will be released towards the end of the next week. The renewed version will be a paradigm shift in the application’s security since we’ve enabled Face ID / Fingerprint for easier and safer login. Moreover, now our users can pay for the POWER subscription with Apple Pay/Google Pay. Please look forward to the App Version 2.1 being rolled out in the near future.

Delisting of several tokens

To protect the best interests of our investors and play our role in the healthy development of the crypto staking industry, we are delisting tokens with lower volume and trading activity.

In April, we announced our plan to delist Stakenet due to its migration to Arbitrum (ETH fork). We urge Stakenet holders to withdraw their coins on or before April 30th, 2022. Funds not withdrawn during the grace period will be forfeited.

The second coin to be delisted is BitBay (BAY). Narrowing the list of tradable assets will help the users of our platform to focus on greater investment opportunities and passive income rewards.

We want to advise our users to withdraw their coins by April 24th, 2022. Otherwise, funds not withdrawn on or before the given date will be forfeited irrevocably.

Final words

For MyCointainer, April finished on a solid note and now we turn our attention and energies to the prominent goals we’ve got for the upcoming months.

Thank you for subscribing to our newsletter, thank you for joining and supporting us on this crazy, fun and exciting ride. Thank you for co-creating the flourishing crypto-future with MyCointainer!

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