Dear MyCointainer Community,

‎As MyCointainer continues to innovate different staking services, we're happy to announce the integration of Fuse (FUSE) cold staking system. We believe that this is another step towards development and increase the quality of service, comfort, transparency, and security of your funds.

With Cold Staking, you delegate your Fuse (FUSE) to the MyCointainer node that stakes your coins on your behalf. Since MyCointainer node is actively staking new blocks on the Fuse (FUSE) Blockchain, Cold Staking offers the same network security benefits as a regular staking and therefore the same rewards.

An advantage of cold staking is you are still in control of the coins you own and your rewards will retain in your safekeeping. MyCointainer node cannot access your Fuse (FUSE) funds and will not have any portion of your stake rewards.

Node Name: MyCointainer

Node Address:
Explorer here.

How do I set up cold staking?

  1. Delegate your coins to MyCointainer node using the address found above - insert the amount of FUSE you would like to delegate.

Navigate to and login to your wallet through metamask. Make sure you are on Fuse network. If you are not please follow the provided instructions.

  1. Once you are logged in you can see your address on the right hand top corner.

You can also see various parameters like

  • Your wallet balance
  • Amount Staked
  • Total amount staked
  • List of validators with details like fees, uptime, total amount staked by individual validators etc.
  1. Select the MyCointainer's node to delegate your tokens.

You will also see the APY on staking when you enter the amount of FUSE you want to stake. You can see the staked amount right next to the validator name to whom you have delegated you stake to.

Keep coins delegated for as long as you want and earn staking rewards like any cold node/validator. No lock up time.

Stake rewards earned by cold staking will show up at transaction tab at your FUSE wallet. It's possible to manage them only from there.

How to Unstake FUSE:

Click on the Validator name and you should see the validator name with address on the right hand side. Click on “unstake” and enter the amount you want to unstake and click on “unstake”. Confirm the transaction on Metamask and wait for the on-chain confirmation. Once the transaction is confirmed the unstaked amount is transferred back to your address.

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