Investment strategies have dominated the digital currency world following the existence of several virtual assets. Many platforms have come up with creative ideas on how to earn large amounts of income seamlessly. The main advantage that the cryptocurrency market has against the traditional market is the ability to trade around the clock, at any time of the day.

Yet, despite having the urge to make money, it is harder for investors to be available throughout trading. Unfortunately, they do not have the luxury of a lot of free time in their hands. On the bright side, MyCointainer designed an effective way for every user to maximize their profits, which revolves around staking digital assets. Running as a completely automated system, MyCointainer guarantees to execute staking on behalf of the user, as long as they choose their preferable cryptocurrency.

Different Ways of Earning Passive Income Besides Staking

Navigating through the cryptocurrency market is not an easy task, especially considering its dynamic nature. Besides, attaining profits is everyone's goal at the end of the day, no matter the challenges encountered along the way. Apart from staking, below are other investment strategies available to users that have been evaluated for your consideration.

Crypto Lending

Like regular bank loans, crypto lending enables users to advance their digital assets in exchange for an agreed interest rate. However, qualifying for the loan is not straightforward, as borrowers have to present collateral matching the value of the intended loan. According to the user's collateral, interest rates usually range from 1% to 5% on centralized exchanges. Furthermore, the platform lets you interact with borrowers or lenders to set up the loan conditions and mitigate the possible risks.

Lenders can be in a difficult position, especially when cryptocurrencies start to display massive fluctuations in the market, causing a sudden shift in the asset's value. Most platforms counter the volatility issues by employing an automatic liquidation policy that pays a part of the loan in case it reaches that point. The whole crypto lending idea may seem unsafe. owever, operating with the right platform will ultimately assure that the user's money is in good hands.

Proof of Work Mining

Proof of Work mechanisms involves the use of massive computational power to solve complex calculations. The algorithmic process is necessary for validating transactions found on the blockchain network. Therefore, miners working under the consensus get incentives for engaging with the validation process. The coins utilizing the PoW consensus include Bitcoin, Monero, ZCash and many others.

Security issues concerning the protocol are well catered for, as each block contains a unique identifier called a hash that ensures no one interferes with the block. Transaction confirmations highly depend on the rate at which miners solve mathematical problems. If the calculations get too complicated, block generation lags. As a result, they are bringing up incomplete transaction operations. All things considered, PoW protocols are still vulnerable to hacking.


Writing articles concerning any crypto-related issue is another way users can secure an income. While blogging, users need to sacrifice their time and energy to develop quality content for interested enthusiasts. Also, formulating an accurate article can bring massive traffic to the user's site, thus generating more profits.

Crypto investments are widely available in many forms apart from the three mentioned above. Nonetheless, our primary focus is still on staking through the multi-asset platform that is MyCointainer.

In simple terms, staking involves holding cryptocurrencies on digital wallets to realize profits. Attaining interests depends completely on the duration and volatility rates of digital assets. MyCointainer works similarly to the description and accomplishes the staking functionalities through the Proof of Stake protocol.

Evaluating the Staking Capabilities with MyCointainer

MyCointainer poses as a platform with diverse activities ranging from the provision of staking services, insightful cryptocurrencies information, and inbuilt exchange service. The platform's design is sleek with a user-friendly interface that accommodates both new and experienced traders.

Starting on MyCointainer is not a burden because users can deposit any amount. After that, users can participate as validators who complete transaction operations on the blockchain ecosystem. Rewards are compounded annually, meaning that staking for more extended periods grants users more rewards.

Another advantage that MyCointainer explains is that the platform only profits once the staker profits as well. The withdrawal procedures take shorter than 24 hours to complete, provided that the user gives the correct address to send the funds.

Additionally, MyCointainer recognizes the security concerns around the crypto community. It handles the situation by storing the assets in a hardware wallet and counter-checking all digital currency remittances. The platform's official website also features its legal documents to prove its authorization for conducting fiat-crypto transfers and e-wallet services.

Further security measures in place include the verification of accounts to access the site's services. Moreover, MyCointainer compensates stakers their money; this is done using the platform via a Secured Asset Fund for Users program.

Final Word

The functionality of MyCointainer is sure to attract more staking enthusiasts. Staking presents itself as a safe way to earn in the cryptocurrency space. Currently, users enjoy an easy time deciding on their preferable digital asset of choice with the various options available on-site. Each asset carries its own rewards depending on their value and market conditions.

Additionally, MyCointainer rewards its users with free coins for participating in various tasks, like rating the platform's services. Also, Airdrops aim to attract mainstream users to the staking platform and enable developers to evaluate their reactions. Most importantly, MyCointainer works on honesty and integrity principles, avoiding any form of malicious and corrupt intentions.