Exclusive Coin ((EXCL)) uses full PoS mechanism which is secure, private and open source. You can download the code via github. Exclusive Coin is decentralized, i.e. no central server anywhere. EXCL project is more than 5 year old.

Find more details at https://www.mycointainer.com/assets/exclusive

Every month MyCointainer has a community vote campaign. The coin with maximum votes will be declared as coin winner and all the users get 100% rewards with 0% fees.

September coin vote winner is Exclusive Coin (EXCL).

MyCointainer has made it simple for users to stake EXCL coins.

Check out step by step how easy it is:

  1. New users register at https://www.mycointainer.com/signup/ , registered users login to https://www.mycointainer.com/
  2. Choose deposit option

3. Choose 'I already have coins' and search for EXCL (Exclusive Coin) from the list

4. After choosing the EXCL (Exclusive Coin), click on generate address

5. Deposit the coin to the address displayed. The moment your deposit is successful your staking rewards will start

Happy Staking!!!

MyCointainer has 50+ digital coins to stake. check out https://www.mycointainer.com/assets

For any help, send us an email to [email protected]