Inflated worldwide debt, fueled by extreme fiat money printing in recent years is not slowing down. Global debt will most likely surpass $255 trillion by the end of 2019. Debt traditionally comes from most governments and businesses, next we debt of households and lastly banks. Furthermore, at this point, the analysis of the Institute of International Finance estimates each person on the planet would carry $32,500 in debt – and this is not the final number at all.

Debt issuance will only continue to grow

As many of you realized the standard money creation process when fiat currency is centralized and governments and central banks are the only institutions responsible for monetary policies. This can be quite problematic as no one really knows how much money is being injected into the market, the currency is created out of thin air – all that is needed is money printing press and theoretically, we can have an infinite stream of money.

Bitcoin marketcap is still low compared to size of financial sector

While Bitcoin has achieved market capitalization close to some of the world's largest corporations, ranging between $100 and $300 billion. But that is still not enough to become a major pushing force in the financial sector. However, Bitcoin is limited in its supply and due to that trait, it is possible to chart the size of global debt-fueled finance in bitcoin conditions. One bitcoin (as per recent aggregated supply) would have to be worth around $12 million to describe the size of the worldwide debt. In the future, this number most likely change due to the fact that both global debts is increasing daily and bitcoin price is expected to be much higher in the future. It will be really interesting to observe where these figures will connect.

Bitcoin vs. fiat money

So far we live in a world where the global economy is fueled by debt. Bitcoin by nature is a debt-free asset and because of that, it’s hard to compare it directly to debt-based system with sound money idea which bitcoins claims to be. The main issue we encounter here is the fact that in our minds we associate all ‘worth’ with debt-based assets like fiat money, it’s like ‘the benchmark’ to base our purchasing power ability.

Cryptocurrency and financial stability

At this point using the word ‘stability’ with regard to cryptocurrency - which is highly unstable seems like a bad idea. This is, however, only seemingly an issue – in the longer perspective, in the future Bitcoin might be used as a backing asset for debt-powered fiat systems and be this ‘stabilizing factor’ to forever hungry global economies. Cryptocurrency, mainly because it is not directly related to standard investment vehicles and mechanics of classic economy can be yet another piece of a puzzle needed to finally create a world free of recurring cycle of economic crises. At this point, it is wise to back up your investment portfolio, or simply get ahold of Bitcoin or altcoins in general. It will open new avenues of protecting your financial freedom.