As the world are currently going through unprecedented times, it's important to maintain our financial freedom by using alternative instruments. After the coronavirus pandemic has taken its tool on global economy, the central banks from all over the world, are just doing one thing: Keep printing more and more money to save the companies who are labelled as 'Too Big to Fail'.

Whilst the US unemployment claims rose to %14.7 in April, the stock market keeps rising, even surpassing the levels before the virus. How does that happen? The answer is of course very simple. FED keeps printing more money and flooding the money into the markets. Many authorities believe that there will be consequences. And the main consequence will be inflation, which literally dries our savings for the foreseeable future.

So it's important for us to take action and start looking for alternative investments, which will be a hedge towards inflation. The obvious choice for us is of course Bitcoin. But there are many more alternatives that you can trust during this period.

In addition to inflation, we will likely to suffer from a recession globally. That means we have to look after our savings more carefully and start looking for ways to get additional passive income. And for that, we have the perfect opportunity called Proof of Stake (PoS) coins. Today, we are going to explain how MyCointainer can help you during this pandemic with staking.

MyCointainer's Staking Plans

Staking is a term which is used in Proof of Stake cryptocurrencies. It will allow the network participants to earn additional income with staking their cryptocurrencies for a certain period of time. By literally 'locking' their coins in the specific wallet, the participants will ensure the safety of the network by confirming the transactions are valid or not.

Unlike the Proof of Work system which relies heavily on mining equipment, Proof of Stake types of coins can bring you an additional income with no hassle. However, for the first-timers, this process could become a bit tricky. MyCointainer will allow you to stake your coins with absolutely no hassle and you can start earning cryptocurrencies on our platform during these bad times.

You can take a look at our Power subscription plans to enjoy a better understanding of how this process is going to work. Our Power plans allows you to maximize your earning, whilst providing a smooth experience for people who are looking to earn additional money during the coronavirus pandemic.

Educate Yourselves With MyCointainer's Insight Articles

Lots of us are spending way more time than usual at our homes at the moment, so it's important to discover new interests and learn about new stuff every day to keep our brain busy and basically, not to get crazy during this period.

So, if you are new to this sector, you can take a look at our Insight articles on MyCointainer blog. You can discover what will cryptocurrencies bring to the economy in the next decade whilst understanding the basics of Blockchain technology.

Both cryptocurrencies and Blockchain technology are new to the majority of the people, so you can take a look at our articles to educate yourselves about these matters. It has been never a better time to spend your time in researching cryptocurrencies because of all the money printing spree from FED and other major central banks from all around the world.

Try to understand what Bitcoin is trying to solve. Try to get a lowdown on its economics model, supply and demand metrics. Also, by making research, you'll understand how the Blockchain works and why we needed other types of consensus mechanisms such as Proof of Stake and what are the differences between Proof of Stake and Proof of Work.

In addition to all of that, please take a look at our articles which covers investments strategies as well as the importance of diversifying your portfolio.

MyCointainer's Bonus Programme

As we said before, any additional income would be welcome at the moment. And MyCointainer is working hard to ensure you can get additional income with different ways. Apart from our Power subscription plans, you can get a bonus every time you exchange on our platform.

You can get different types of Proof of Stake coins on each time you exchange on MyCointainer. You can decide to hodl these coins to get even better returns in the future, you can just simply exchange the bonus coins on any given exchange. It's certainly up to you!


We are currently going through a very difficult time, that's for certain. Although the safety and wellbeing of our loved ones are of course our priority and main concern, we can use our spare time to learn about new stuff and get extra money. We are here for you on that front. Stay safe and the best of luck!