Let us first understand what is Staking? Staking the process of participating in transaction validation on proof-of-stake (PoS) blockchain. User needs to deposit minimum amount required to earn rewards.

MyCointainer is a automated staking platform, where users can deposit any amount of tokens and start generating rewards. These are called staking rewards. MyCointainer has more than 100+ assets to stake. Check out the complete list at https://www.mycointainer.com/assets

Multiple factors are involved in staking rewards or APY (Annual Percentage Yield) calculation:

a. Stake rewards get generated when a block transaction is successful. Users can visit individual token project website to find out the rewards details.

b. Minimum token balance in wallet.

c. Staking node should be up all the time to get rewarded.

How rewards are distributed?

MyCointainer is taking care of all the above activities, however rewards are distributed by individual token projects.

Ex: Some projects will have block rewards of 10 tokens till 100 blocks. Post 100 blocks the rewards gets to half ie 5 tokens, just like bitcoin halving or projects may update the algorithm with different rewards.
The rewards can increase or decrease based on token projects and MyCointainer has no control over rewards generation.

How MyCointainer is a better compared to other staking platform?

  1. More than 10+ assets have 0% staking fees.
  2. Moment any coin gets deposited, staking starts.
  3. We have compounded earnings.

Ex: Lets say user has 1000 tokens. APY is 12%. User gets 10 token on first month. During second month while calculating rewards MyCointainer platform considers 1010 tokens for staking. Hence user gets compounded rewards.

4. Using MyCointainer POWER plans, get 0% stake fees for all assets. Check out MyCointainer POWER PLANS.

Happy Earning!!!

If you have issues related with staking rewards, send email to [email protected] with your registered email address. MyCointainer team will response within 24 -48 hrs.