Bitcoin is the first cryptocurrency that runs on a decentralized digital  ledger. It uses peer-to-peer technology to facilitate digital payments  in a fast, transparent, and secure method, made possible by digital  ledger technology.

Buying Bitcoin? Here is a simple guide on buying BTC using fiat at MyCointainer.

  1. New users register at
    Check out step by step guide to create account: Click Here

      Registered users login to

2. After login, click on "Buy/Sell"

3. Choose "Balance All available" and select "EUR" euro under available balances

Note: User can add Euro, USD etc using AdvCash / Credit Card or doing Bank Tranfer (details can be viewed under 'Buy/Sell' section post login.

When you purchase bitcoin with fiat or purchase any tokens with bitcoin, MyCointainer will rewards its users with free tokens

4. Chose the asset which you wish to buy ie Bitcoin (BTC)

5. Click on "Buy now" as shown below

Get instant confirmation of your Bitcoin purchase

You can hold bitcoin in MyCointainer wallet or any other digital assets can be purchased using bitcoin.

Write email to support team for any help during your transactions : Click Here

Happy Earning!!!

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