NULS is a blockchain network which uses proof of credit (POC) consensus to create enterprise-level digital infrastructures that run on digital  ledger technology.

If you want to delegate NULS using cold staking, you should have their own wallet before they delegate tokens.

Here is the step by step guide explaining creation of NULS web wallet:

  1. Visit, click on "Create address". Input strong password. Do not share.

2. Backup your account either with any of the three options. For the demo, we have choosed keystore backup. (file will be downloaded on your device, hold this backup keystore) for any futher login you need to have keystore to open your webwallet.

3. Click "Confirm". Your wallet is created. Post login you can see the address displayed as shown below. Transfer your NULS from any exchange to this address for cold staking.

4. To delegate or stake NULS tokens, check out the guide.

How to logout post deligation of your tokens:

Its important to logout of your NULS wallet once your are done with your operation for security. Go to Set-> Account management. Click on "Login out" as shown. Input your password once again to logout of your web wallet.