When picking an exchange, every smart trader always has three aspects they look for in a platform. The first thing is how much coin variety does the platform have, which ultimately reflects on their trading volume. The second thing is the trading fees charged by the platform. How much will each transaction you’re sending or receiving cost? Lastly, how easy is it to conduct withdrawals and deposits on the platform? Once you have your coin, can you easily access them or deposit new funds?

Finding a platform that caters to all three aspects can prove difficult, especially for newbie traders—that why we have platforms like MyCointainer to make your exchange journey an easy one. MyCointainer isn’t your run off the mill staking as a service platform, in addition to staking, it also offers exchange services. This article will look at how you can earn bonuses on the platform for exchanging your coin.

MyCointainer Exchange Services

As mentioned previously, MyCointainer is well-known for its stellar Proof of Stake and masternode staking services. However, that’s not all this platform is about; it also serves as a gateway to buying and exchanging cryptocurrency. In 2018, MyCointainer officially got the legal license for wallet management services and exchange services. On MyCointainer, all funds are protected by SAFU, creating a safe environment for their traders.

The platform supports over 65 different coins, working with coins with stable ROI. MyCointainer aims to increase participation in the crypto world by creating an easy way to conduct transactions. They accept debit and credit card payments supporting fiat currencies like EUR, NOK, CHF, PLN, GBP, USD, JPY, etc.

Process of Exchange

Exchange bonuses need the exchange to take place. MyCointainer makes the whole transaction super easy. They only let their users exchange on their platform, so you need to get an account first. The entire process is quick and free of charge, requiring general registration information.

The next step is doing an exchange. The website interface is clear and straightforward to navigate. Each level properly guides you through the whole process. MyCointainer offers a list of cryptocurrencies where you choose which one you wish to buy. Once you have your deposit, you’re ready to exchange your coin. The process involves making decisions like how you would like to purchase your currency and the amount you want to exchange then finally confirm it. Here is where we get to the little treat in the name of a bonus from MyCointainer.

MyCointainer Exchange Bonuses

As you may have noticed, to get this far and earn yourself a bonus, you need to have a MyCointainer account and partake in its exchange. That’s how it works; they don’t give treats to anybody off the street. The platform gives you the bonus in two options once you’ve done your exchange. These are either COLX (ColossusXT) or EXCL (ExclusiveCoin). The type of coin is liable to change from time to time.

Your exchange transaction is complete, you’ve received your new coins, what next? Well, the platform is fully automated, so as soon as you confirm the purchase, an extra prompt pops up. This prompt is to let you know your bonus is ready and to pick which coin you’d like it in. You have the option to either receive it in 100 COLX or 1 EXCL. There’s also the option to skip the bonus, but we’ll ignore that because that is not why we’re here.

MyCointainer gives you a bonus that becomes your passive income for just participating in an exchange. Every time you do an exchange, a bonus gets added to your coffers. The bonus is credited automatically with no hassle whatsoever. All you need to keep in mind is at least 20 EUR deposit is required to get your free bonus.

Also worth noting, MyCointainer likes to work with credible partners looking to make a presence in the crypto world if you’re such an individual take this opportunity to work with the platform.

End Note

The process leading up to trading and cryptocurrency exchange involves a lot of preparation in the form of research. After all, you’re putting your resources on the line and trusting that you’ll get healthy returns. Any investment is a risky venture and can lead to heightened stress. Add that to the volatility of cryptocurrency, and you’ve got yourself a doozy.

That’s why it is important to have trustworthy platforms like MyCointainer to give you the most returns. The platform utilizes multiple API points to provide its users with the lowest market prices. The MyCointainer team is looking out for its users and giving them the best exchange experience.